15 Disturbing Social Media Facts of 2010

November 25, 2010

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Social Media websites have taken the world by storm this year! Facebook has now over 540 million users and Twitter has reached almost 130 million. People are spending more time online and in social networks than ever before. Here are just some of the strange, funny, scary and somewhat disturbing facts about the current state of Social Media today. Warning! Some of the figures here can cause mild paranoia and/or anxiety!

1. You Tube users upload 24 hours of new video material every minute. That’s 12.6 million hours of material in a year. It would take you 1440 years to view it all!

2. If Facebook was a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest right after China and India. It would cover an area from northern Canada to the border of Equador and Peru.

3. 96% of the 25 largest newspapers are experiencing declines in circulation and advertising revenues because news reach users quicker in other formats.

4. An average Facebook user becomes a fan of (Likes) two Facebook Pages every month.

5. There are close to 200 million blogs live on the Internet.

6. Twitter users do more than 600 million searches every day.

7. Brazilians are the most social people in the world. 94% of Brazilian internet users are connected to at least one social network. Brazil is followed by USA (83%) and Portugal (81%).

8. A new member joins LinkedIn every second. That’s over 8500 new members in a day!

9. Wikipedia has more than 3 million articles written in English. Other popular languages are Italian, German, French and Spanish.

10. Only 17% of traditional TV campaigns generate positive returns on the investment.

11. There are over 900 million objects on Facebook that people can interact with.

12. Twitter users have posted over 50 million tweets in 2010.

13. Almost 12 million unique visitors visit LinkedIn every day.

14. More than pieces of social media content (messages, links, news, blog posts, notes, photos) are being shared each month.

15. And perhaps the most disturbing fact of them all: The most popular video on the planet is Justin Bieber’s Baby. It has been viewed over 392,558,263 times on You Tube since it was uploaded in February this year. That’s over 800 times in a minute! Now that is really disturbing!

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2 Responses to “15 Disturbing Social Media Facts of 2010”

  1. Kevin Warhus Says:

    Great facts. Very helpful! Its interesting to see how newspapers and the like are not keeping up with the times of social media. I think there is a huge opportunity her if only people can step back and think a little more outside the box. I also have to say, I am so disturbed that Justin Bieber is one of the most watched videos on the Internet. What is this world coming to?


  2. Kris Says:

    I hear you, Kevin! Lady Gaga isn’t that much better either! Nice website BTW http://www.stringcaninteractive.com/


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