25 Things I Hate About Facebook

25 Things I Hate About Facebook by Julian Smith

Do You Love or Hate Facebook?

250 million(*) people seem to love Facebook. Here’s a different, humorous view by Julian Smith and his friends:

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*Update 10.7.2012 Facebook has now over 900 Million users [June 2012]

Search phrase love facebook gets 550.000 monthly searches on Google where as ‘hate facebook‘ gets only 60.500. Based on this quick no-scientific analysis there are still nine times more people who’ll rather love than hate Facebook.

Hate Facebook Infographic

Here’s a great Infographic from SodaHead showing some interesting hate figures against the most recent Facebook Timeline update.

Hate Facebook Infographic by SodaHead

What About You?

Do you love Facebook? I know it hasn’t been easy lately especially with the latest updates they have been doing. Please feel free to vent your comments below.

[Sources: Video Julian Smith, Infographic SodaHead]

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6 Responses to “25 Things I Hate About Facebook”

  1. Catherine Lindenberg Says:

    What, only 25 things to Hate About Facebook? There would be more I am sure. The whole concept is so impersonal, bring back old-fashioned talk on the landline or shock, horror why not just visit your friends. Sit, engage conversation and actually see them in the flesh!! Too busy, I think, shame…life is too short make the most of what is important and if that means getting in touch with friends and loved ones in person then “Just do It!!!” :>)


  2. isabel Says:

    I just have to say this was potentially one of the most effective articles I have view on the subject so far. I do not know where you get all of your info but keep it coming! I am going to send some folks on over to check this out. Fantastic, totally awesome. I am just getting into writing articles myself, nothing close to your writing potential (doh) but I’d love for you to have a look at my work in progress someday! right here


  3. Myofficebooks4u Says:

    The new generation is loving the convenience of FB…not to mention twitter, text and skype. You can upload video, photos and share stories while you are overseas or away from home. It is also a fantastic marketing tool for business and keeping in touch with your networking acquaintances. Personally, I was able to keep in touch with family and friends easily and share experiences while overseas and in the outback. The phone call and popping in for a visit is great….but FB allows you to keep in touch with “everyone” at one time. I guess different strokes for different folks applies here. 


    • KrisOlin Says:

      I think I have to agree with you on that. Facebook is still great for what it was designed to do: stay in touch with friends and relatives. Do you think it will get replaced soon? I don’t.


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