5 Tips How To Use Facebook For Ecommerce Marketing

5 Tips How To Use Facebook For Ecommerce Marketing

As Facebook has become a key to success for Ecommerce businesses, no business can survive longer without learning the ways to enhance E-commerce marketing using this platform.

Facebook had definitely started as a social networking site with an aim to connect individuals with new and old friends on the web; however, with time, it has grown its area and services with advanced features. As of now, people have started looking Facebook as a mode of marketing as it features great advertising functions that help to enhance market of a company.

So, in terms of marketing, we see a great power in Facebook as it helps increasing sales for businesses in a positive way. Thus, if you also want to do e-commerce marketing and Use Facebook to take your business to next level, then you have reached to a right place.

By following our helpful guidelines, you can certainly grow your company sales for your Ecommerce website on Facebook, but before jumping into this exploration, you have to get familiar with several things which we are going to discuss here.

How Facebook Is Helpful In Ecommerce Marketing?

How Facebook Is Helpful In Ecommerce Marketing?

Reach Target People Wherever They Are Busy In – Conducting Ecommerce marketing efforts on Facebook, you can reach your target people on each device they are using to browse their own Facebook profiles.

Facebook makes your target audience know about your company and encourage them to book appointments for them with you. It also encourages them to sign up on your site to get more information for a product or offer made by you.

From Facebook Ecommerce marketing, you can easily measure up the performance of your advertising efforts and can also make new advertisements for your products/services that would attract your customers.

If you are curious to know those helpful tips on how to use Facebook for Ecommerce marketing, then read on following pointers and follow them in your Ecommerce marketing from now on:

1. Use Of Pictures

Rather using text-based content, visual content has more power to leave a good impression on your target audience.

How To Use Facebook For Ecommerce Marketing Tip No 1 - Use Of Pictures

So, when you want to attract your target audience, give them something which they find interesting. For this purpose, try putting your message in form of pictures. It is such a brilliant way to grow customer engagement for your business on Facebook.

Follow these steps to make an optimized picture for your Facebook business page that would surely target your desired audience.

  • Pictures should be related to your product, services and should speak for your brand.
  • Design a picture in this way that it explains your purpose clearly. You can add some text on the picture; so that your customers can get clarity of your thought from that picture posted on your business page.
  • Pictures should be appealing to customers. For that, you can include new offers and special discounts to lure customers.

2. Don’t Sell Your Product – Sell Lifestyle Related To Your Product

A great tip to follow while engaging in E-commerce marketing on Facebook is to understand that you should not focus on selling a product only but focus on selling lifestyle related to your company product. In simple words, share images which should have examples of ideal customer who would love to use your product and hence, you tell them who fits the best for your product and brand.

How To Use Facebook For Ecommerce Marketing Tip No 2 - Sell Lifestyle Related To Your Product

Check out following ways to enjoy benefits of this step.

While posting something related to your business, try to showcase the relevant customer who can take benefit of that product or service. For example, if you are selling life insurance, then post a picture that should show how life insurance helps families and individuals. Or, if you sell educational services – share picture or content that should feature students and their higher aspirations.

Don’t focus only on your product, but also on related lifestyle around. For example, if you sell ethnic wear, then do not confine yourself to these items only, but include other items like jewelry, accessories, footwear also. This way, you give customers another option which ultimately drives the sales.

It is a sensible way of marketing your product indeed. In addition, you can also enclose your product in other products which you feel are not competitive to it but are still available on your brand.

3. Create Collages Of Themed Products

It is a fact that when you post products, again and again, it starts looking boring to the audience quickly.

Facebook For Ecommerce Marketing Tip No 3 - Create Collages Of Themed Products

So, to maintain the interest of the audience, you should create visually attractive collages of your products that should have equal themed items inside.

Here are the ways to create collages of themed products:

  • Click pictures of different items in the same category and upload on your system.
  • Gather all relevant pictures of the products which fall into the same category and arrange them in a single frame.
  • Put the price of each item and also, put any discount that you are willing to offer if a customer buys all the products in same collage.

This way, you can encourage customers to make better and more purchase which is a sure way to grow your sales on Facebook. Moreover, you can also try a strategy to provide a style guide or can provide instant tips on additional products that may do well with your products.

4. Conduct Contacts & Offer Giveaways

Researchers show that around 42% online users prefer to connect with a brand on social media site – Facebook to get free giveaways, discounts and coupons on various deals.

How To Use Facebook For Ecommerce Marketing Tip No 4 - Conduct Contacts & Offer Giveaways

So, go with this rhythm that audience would love and conduct contests on Facebook. It can be a great option to attract them towards your brand.

  • Think of a contest that should be relevant to your industry.
  • The contest can be related to your brand as it will help growing brand awareness among your customers. Do provide giveaways of your brand; so that, it can market your brand ultimately.
  • By contests, you can offer packages and deal with your customers that help them engaging with your brand and also, will make new customers and users to your Facebook business page.

5. Lure Facebook Users With Limited Period Discounts

By offering discounts for a limited period to your customers, you can encourage them to place their orders instantly as they would not like the offer to pass away from them.

How To Use Facebook For Ecommerce Marketing Tip No 5 - Lure Facebook Users With Limited Period Discounts

When you put up an expiration on your offer or discount, it automatically leverages scarcity that is a definite weapon to trigger sales.

So, luring your customers with limited period discounts is a great way to generate good ROI from Facebook.

Final Words

Facebook has incredible potential to enhance E-commerce marketing. It is a reason behind increasing popularity of this social media site among Ecommerce brands. If you are a Facebook user, you must have noticed more and more ads from different Ecommerce brands reflect on the site when you check your page.

These ads show how impressively businesses are owning this platform to grow their online marketing and generate revenue. So, if you are into eCommerce business, then immediately use Facebook for your Ecommerce marketing using aforementioned tips.

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