5 Tips To Promote Your Business On Reddit

December 4, 2012

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5 Tips To Promote Your Business On Reddit

With social media becoming a rage in marketing, advertisers and marketers are making their best efforts to utilize its complete potential. The advent of social media has indeed brought about many twists to the marketing realm and has changed the way things worked in advertising.

Advertising agencies are constantly on the lookout for a platform where they can establish a stable base, promote their products and reach the targeted audience. And one such platform that has a massive reach is Reddit.
For newbies, it is a platform where people discuss on various topics that interest them and vote to posts and content that they find engaging.

Reddit, in order to eliminate spamming, has come up with a security feature it calls ‘Karma’. Submitting and sharing relevant content on the website will help you get higher Karma points, and any irrelevant submissions will turn contrary and will result in limiting the number of times you can submit content.

Now that you know what Reddit actually is and how it functions, check out the 5 tips given below to promote your business online without getting ‘Karminated’.

1. Avoid Over-Promotion

Reddit or any other social platform present as part of your social media marketing strategy is a public forum. An overdose of promotion in any way will result in the decrease of vote-ups you get. It is suggested that you minimize over-promoting your products and begin interacting with the members of your community. Engage with them as much as possible. This will help build trust with your brand and will also avoid scoring less ‘K’ points.

2. Go Creative – Go Viral

Creativity at any given point of time sells! Though a bit difficult at first, come up with your own ways of promoting your products creatively and witness your product go viral on the website and over the Internet. You can use videos, infographics, memes, comics and any other art form that will instantly attract a large group of members. You don’t need to be different, just be creative!

3. Be Consistent

Reddit attracts a large audience and the yields from such websites are indeed fast. So all you need to make sure that you are consistent with your posts. Never rest after one of your posts reaches the top spot. Make sure you make continuous posts, so that the yield and the traffic are maintained. One of the primary reasons this phase is important because, we are not the only ones to use Reddit to promote our products, but are in competition with thousands of other brand owners.

Everybody works with the same intention of promoting their product and getting the desired returns. So even a short break will allow others to surpass your post (products, here), which directly reflects on the success of your brand.

4. Become Active Member

For greater exposure, join a community in Reddit that is closest or related to your products and services. Explore a number of categories, understand which topic lures in more response, and comment on them sensibly. Once you do this, you can witness your online reputation getting increased and your comment Karma also attaining the increment it deserves. Remember that your intention is not to get a number of back links to your website fast, but to establish a sustainable network and keep the traffic flow consistent.

5. Be Responsive

If you find users commenting on your posts, make sure you respond to them. They have commented only because they found your post interesting. So take time to acknowledge them and welcome any negative feedback and comments humbly. Being responsive will show that you care and will reflect your attitude towards customer service. So act at the right time, wisely!

So these were some tips you could use to promote your business online using Reddit. Though not instantly, you will soon witness progress and prosperity in your business. Good Luck!

[Image: Flickr, Leonid Mamchenkov, Creative Commons license]

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