5 Ways To Connect Your Social Media Marketing And Email Marketing

5 Ways To Connect Your Social Media Marketing And Email Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, social media has been a game changer. Whether you’re talking about the mostly defunct MySpace or the ever-growing Facebook empire, people have altered the way they show their support for products and services.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that you should stop using more traditional, Email marketing campaigns. In fact, if you take these two different strategies and you combine them, you can make a lot more headway when it comes to your marketing success.

Here are 5 great tips how to connect your Social Media Marketing with your Email Marketing

1. Use Your Social Media to Increase Your Email List

So you have an email list for your marketing; addresses of people who are interested in your company or products and who want regular updates. How do you traditionally recruit them? Flyers in the mail or at the store, voluntary sheets that customers can fill out? Simply put one of these on your social media page. That way really interested clients can sign up for more information, giving you a bigger list to draw on.

2. Include Your Email Link in Your Social Media

If you link your social networking media together with your emails, you can get more feedback from your marketing. If people who for instance ‘like’ your Facebook Page want you to email them with special offers, you have a tailor made solution present already. Additionally, while an email list isn’t very useful for getting comments, a social media page that’s included in the email marketing would give customers a place to voice all of their concerns.

3. Include A Link to Your Social Media in Your Email

social buttonsIn much the same way that customers can sign up for your mailing list on your social media marketing pages, make sure that you provide links to your social media pages in your email lists. This will increase your exposure and make sure that customers who are only on one marketing list have the chance to get onto both.

4. “Friend” Your Email List

While it might seem a little pushy, go through your email list and ask people to friend them. This allows you to take the first step, making social networking connections to increase your exposure even more.

5. Adjust Your Offers

Offers, coupons and free stuff are some of the best ways to get customers to remain loyal. And if you’re trying to join together your social media and email lists, then offer clients free stuff and additional benefits for joining both of these lists.

In addition to connecting your campaigns, it’s always important to be sure that once users get to your site they know what to do and it comes intuitively. This is where  conversion optimization techniques come in to help find out what works and what  doesn’t with your current landing page optimization.

Are you using Email together with your Social Media Marketing? Or do they play a separate role in your marketing plan. If you have any tips of your own, please share with us.

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6 Responses to “5 Ways To Connect Your Social Media Marketing And Email Marketing”

  1. Pasha Burmako Says:

    Kris, I want you to ask something.
    Currently I’m a marketing manager at IT company. But I’m also a DJ playing on psy-trance parties. I need to be promoted on both of these activities. So I have to use specialized social netwotwork services as PromoDJ (big web community for DJs from the whole post-soviet space). As an employee I should use LinkedIn to present my own marketing skills. But what am I going to do with general services like Twitter, FB or G+? Whether do I effectively represent both of my activities by using one account or I forced to sign in twice? Is it possible using one account to write somethimg like this “Hey guys, I’m a DJ and manager too. Choose what you need”?Thanks in advance.


    • KrisOlin Says:

      The best use of social media tools is to customize them according to the marketing subject. Pasha, in your case I would definitely recommend using totally separate social accounts for you as a marketing manager and as DJ. As your target audience if very different for these two roles you can’t really combine social profiles effectively.

      LinkedIn is good for your marketing role, but you could also have a G+ or Twitter account for that. As a DJ you can, and should use pretty much the whole spectrum of social accounts. Create yourself a Facebook Page with a custom landing tab, Twitter account, G+ as well as possibly SoundCloud or MixCloud accounts. You could also have a presence at StumbleUpon, Digg and the new hot thing called Pinterest, even though it is mostly a visual medium.

      Thanks for you good comment and questions, Pasha!


  2. JuanLulli Says:

    Thanks Kris. Great
    reminder that social media works best– and with greater returns on
    investment — when you integrate that investment with at least another
    marketing channel. You provide some simple and great integration
    strategies bet/ social and email marketing. Thanks for contributing for posting.


    • KrisOlin Says:

      It’s always good to use more than one method of connecting with your audience. Email and social media networks work quite well when combined. Especially useful if you use signup forms on Facebook and other networks.

      Thank you for your comment, Juan!  


  3. Info Says:

    Great article. E-mail marketing is not dead. It is just meerly forgotten with the big push of   social media marketing. We are one of the leading pushers in this industry at http://www.boostsocialmedia.net but this article made me sit back and remember how important email marketing is. GREAT TIPS! on how to connect the 2. Thank You


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