6 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Social Media Right Now

6 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Social Media Right Now

Not all social media channels are created equal.

But this knowledge alone cannot help you plan your social campaign. You need to research, participate, analyse and invest efforts in building a strong social presence. There are no uniform rules that you can follow to build a strategy that works for you.  But there are some bad practices that you should avoid at all costs.

Here is a list of things you need to STOP doing on social media right now:

1. Sending Automated Messages

Believe it or not, automated messages are annoying. They should not be a part of your social strategy.

Automated messages come across as “detached”. This can severely impact your brand image.

Sending out automated messages thanking people for liking your page isn’t a good idea. Automated thank you’s are robotic; they lack any real connection.

If you really want to connect with your audience, throw “automated” out the message window. In case you feel the urge to tell your audience that you are glad to have them onboard, create posts once in awhile to express your gratitude to those who have become a part of your journey.

This way your users are saved from texts that they never really want in their inbox and you still manage to convey your feelings without annoying them.


Socialising is about building better relationships. The first step to doing that involves real communication. Say a big no to automated texts.

2.Running Away From Negative Feedback

It can be very tricky to handle negative feedback (especially one that seems unfair) but it is important to respond to the negative instead of leaving it unattended.

Another factor that could be detrimental to your social image is that you mishandle the negative feedback on social media. While negative feedback spreads like wildfire, your mishandling can make it even worse.

Even if you are facing a troll problem, it is necessary to deal with it instead of keeping mum. (not all silence is gold)

Keep calm, respond positively and then carry on.

Here is a good example of how you should tackle a bad review:

6 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Social Media Right Now - No2



Respond wisely and take control of the negative feedback situation instead of giving in or lashing out. Sometimes your customers just want to be heard. Utilise this opportunity to build trust.

3. Sharing The Same Content Across All Channels

If you have an upcoming product launch or you are planning to give a teaser of a new product, you are going to have to say it in 280 characters on Twitter but there is no such limit on Facebook and when it comes to platforms like Instagram, you are going to do something visual.

While the essence of the message is the same, each platform has its own unique way of delivering things.

6 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Social Media Right Now - No3


From the tone of the message to the degree of being casual, everything varies; some variations being more drastic than others.

When you plan social, think social. Tailor your content to suit the demand of your social platform and audience.


Before you begin your social journey, take some time to understand the differences that exist between the several channels and know why they exist. While your product/service is the same across all these websites, people react differently on different platforms. Build your content around the “core” idea of the medium you are using to convey your message.

4. Not Running Your Spell Checks

Personal auto-correct stories are hilarious and they go viral for the right reasons. But the same doesn’t hold true for brands.

A small, overlooked error can damage your reputation. Your audience has a keen eye for these mistakes and even if they love you, they won’t shy away from cracking a joke. And it gets even worse when trolls get involved.

Your tweet or your Facebook status isn’t just a piece of text, it is your message to your customer. If you aren’t careful with your words, it can imply that you don’t care. That is not the impression you would want to create. Here’s a few tasty examlpes:

6 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Social Media Right Now - No4

6 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Social Media Right Now - No4b



Double and triple check your content for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Too err is human but when you keep erring, it means you aren’t paying enough attention.

5. Not Monitoring Your Scheduled Posts

Scheduled posts are great. They save you from a lot of hassle. Things just get posted at a time when you planned them.

But they too require some monitoring.

Why? They need to be rescued from being placed on the “bad timing” hall of fame.

6 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Social Media Right Now - No5


Imagine that your scheduled post talks about how De Gea’s transfer from ManUtd will affect the team and the deal somehow gets canceled but your article gets posted. Or what if your post talked about how pre-roll videos are becoming so popular and Youtube decides to get rid of them but then there is your article telling people to pre-roll. Ouch.

There are some brands that create a month long quota of scheduled posts. If these posts are rolled out without any monitoring, they can mislead your audience to believe something that is not true anymore.

While scheduled posts come with a lot of advantages, those advantages have a limitation.


Do not leave your scheduled posts unattended. Stay updated with what’s happening and avoid stumbling over inaccurate content.

6. Having Too Many Or Too Few Social Accounts

It is good to have a multi platform existence but these efforts should be rewarding.

What some brands do is focus too much on one platform while ignoring the rest. Creating multiple social profiles is beneficial. It brings traffic to your website. But it is important to find out where your audience is most active.

6 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Social Media Right Now - No6


They fail to understand which social media accounts really matter and why.

Being present on just one platform can restrict your growth. Similarly, too many social accounts might just be draining your marketing efforts without giving any returns.


A good social campaign isn’t about being omnipresent. It is about finding the right platforms and putting the right efforts. Find where your audience is and be present there.


The social media landscape is dynamic and it requires you to adapt to the changing trends.

Additionally, each platform has its own set of things that work and the ones that don’t. A good way to build your social strategy is by avoiding the common pitfalls. Next time you plan to do something on social, keep the above “to-not-do” checklist ready.

[Main image: H&M Genius campaign]

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