6 Simple Ways To Vamp Up Your Social Media Profiles

6 Simple Ways To Vamp Up Your Social Media Profiles

Social media marketing is the newest trick of the trade for business owners today. It’s an excellent way to build brand awareness, increase customer service and just interact with your client base. But if you want to get the most from your social media, you need to create outstanding profiles that get noticed for all the right reasons.

You already know the world of business is a fast one- with many factors involved in keeping up with the competition and standing out to your target customer. Your social media accounts are a great way to represent your brand and reach your target customers where they are already- enjoying social networking.

Here are some simple ways to vamp up your business social media profiles and create an impressive representation of your brand.

1. Fill Out All The Info

Tip no. 1 - Fill Out All The Info

The first very simple step you can take to improve your social media profile is to fill out all of the information it asks of you. It sounds like a simple and obvious step but it’s one that goes unnoticed by many companies. They get quick or lazy in the creation process and they don’t fill in all the blanks. You might think that your brand is large enough that people know you already or that they will recognize you when they land on your profile. However, you might not know that there are other reasons for filling out all the info.

When you fill in all the spaces in your social media profile, it makes your profile more available in search results, meaning more people will find you. This is also an opportunity to tell people more about your brand, include calls to action, invite them to your website or use this to post your mission statement, bio and more. Take advantage of all the space and opportunities given to you.

2. Get A Professional Profile Photo

Tip no. 2 - Get A Professional Profile Photo

Marketers have a short time frame to grab the attention of an audience. Photos do speak volumes on the social scale. Visual marketing creates a resonance that often will cut through the noise. Yet, it takes a brand or business persona to get through the social clutter.

If you want your social media profile to stand out from the many others in the average social media user’s stream, then a professional photo might be just the way to do it. Using a professional photo of a person who leads the company is often better and more personable than using your company logo- but again, it depends on the business, the social networking platform and your branding.

Images that resonate and compel your readers to take your call of action also help promote a sharing effect. Images can tell a brand story, share news and even link to a creative promotion or giveaways which will invite participation. The key is to target these images towards an audience that cares.

3. Create A Social Media Editorial Calendar

Tip no. 3 - Create A Social Media Editorial Calendar

Often times there is mixed feedback from reporting companies on some social media companies marketing efforts. Some say their clients are getting great traffic and conversions from social media while others don’t see the desired results. There are a couple of good reasons for this discrepancy. However, the big take-away here is that when online marketing for business you must be consistent and one way of ensuring consistency is by using a social media editorial calendar.

A social media editorial calendar will help you stay organized on what you are posting and when. This is an essential tool of more than one member of your business team will be using the social media accounts. However, even if you’re managing it all yourself, you can benefit from the editorial calendar. It will help you to brainstorm for new ideas, post content your readers will enjoy and stay consistent with your posting. This will immediately launch your profile and create a more professional appearance even to those just briefly glancing through.

Adding social media marketing to your overall marketing strategy, developing a plan in your editorial calendar to build your reputation and your community presence, and handing that system to implement for your business team are all important for success.

4. Post Original Content

Tip no. 4 - Post Original Content

There’s nothing wrong with a share here and there but you will make much more progress when you post original content to your social media accounts. You want people to come to your page/account/activity stream and see things they have not already seen elsewhere. You want to give useful content that makes them want to come back again and also to share with their friends.

If you do share, make sure you attribute properly and do not infringe upon the rights of others. This includes all types of content- articles, quotes, photos and more.

5. Enlist The Help Of A Professional

Tip no. 5 - Enlist The Help Of A Professional

Sometimes we all need a little help and a social media/ branding specialist can help you to get your accounts started correctly, pinpoint problems in your accounts or profiles, set you up with an editorial calendar and more. A professional could come on board full time to help you or it could be a once-in-awhile opportunity to get your accounts evaluated for efficiency.

A expert in social media strategies will manage the development, management and organization efforts of your campaign. Social media platforms are now an integral part of any up to date marketing strategy. Small business owners are usually trained to be lawyers,accountants,dentists, and hairdressers, and not marketing consultants. Many small business owners are not, and shouldn’t be, expected to have the know how of running an marketing campaign through social media.

6. Always Represent Your Brand

Tip no. 6 - Always Represent Your Brand

If you want your social media profile to stand out from the rest, keep consistent with your brand. Everything you post, share and say should be keeping with your brand’s values and ideals. This doesn’t mean you cannot post things just for fun but your profile at-a-glance should reflect what your brand is all about.

As you can see, there are many different ways to improve your business social media profiles and portray the best impression of your brand. You can get more people to engage with your accounts when you take the time to build them properly and post content that stands out in the stream.


  1. Your social media profile is often the first impression someone has of your brand.
  2. Your business social media profiles should be professional but unique.
  3. Update your accounts regularly with unique, quality content to show an impressive social media profile from quick glance.

What tips do you have for vamping up your social media profiles? What are some examples you have seen of profiles that really stood out and impressed you?

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