7 Great Vine Video Ideas

January 30, 2015

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7 Great Vine Video Ideas

Vine is a pretty great content marketing platform and one that works wonderfully with a range of other social media sites. With video content only going to become more popular in the next year or so, making the most of tools at our disposal, such as Vine, is a must.

But where do you start? Well, we’ve compiled a nice list of the different sorts of Vine videos that can be created on this versatile platform.

Stop- Start Vine Videos

One of the more common sorts of Vine video is the stop motion video. Stop animations do tend to take a little bit of planning and some work, however once you get over the learning curve you can easily create some quality content that will get people’s attention. Here are some awesome examples.

Stop Animation

Similar in a lot of ways to the aforementioned, however they tend to use cartoons alongside real world objects. Done well and with some creative oomph they are amazing eye-catching pieces of content that standout. A tripod is a must for creation of this style of video.

How -To Video

Want to show a person how to do something in six seconds – use Vine.

If you have a simple task to show, then use Vine’s stop/start feature to skip from step to step without need for other explanation. According to Abacus Marketing it’s a great way to make your marketing that’s a little different. It’s easy to show 3-4 steps in that time and a lot more engaging than a long explainer piece of content or article – making it great for digital marketing content.

Showcase Or Reveal

Why not show the viewer something they may have never seen otherwise? Vine can be a great tool for those looking to give someone a secret glimpse or view of something that’s not been fully revealed yet. Just ensure that whatever you’re showcasing is spectacular, otherwise it’s a bit of a disappointment.

Hubspot showcasing their ‘Wall of Candy’ in their office is one such example:

The Classic Loop

One of the first things people did when Vine came to the fore was use it to loop video. It’s a very effective way to create a cool video and one that often puzzles people where the end and beginning are. One thing to note is that it takes a good bit of planning to do properly. However, when you do really nail it, you can be happy in the knowledge it looks impressive and people will likely love it.

Go Crazy With Vine Video Ideas

Silliness is always an option of course, and there are plenty of people on the web who just create brilliant, silly Vines that go viral. A little bit of the light hearted or strange can help create interest and also cements the idea that you’re not being too serious all the time. This of course is something a lot of people like to see from a business now and again.

Story Telling

One cool and often very effective way to use Vine is to use it to tell a story, or even use it in the creation of a mini-series. As we’ve already alluded to,

6 seconds can be a long time if the Vine is properly planned.

Use a few different Vines to create a narrative and you’ll receive not just a one off audience, but one you retain. Of course, this approach requires a bit of planning. However, it allows you to be a little bit more in-depth than one clip allows, while creating something fun.

Vine is a remarkable tool and one that is only limited by the imagination. For savvy businesses looking to create something interesting and a little different – it can be part of the answer and we’d suggest you consider what’s mentioned above and experimenting.

I hope you liked these vine video ideas. If you have some tips of your own, please feel free to share in the comments.

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