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Why The Google Free Website Is A Bad Idea

April 8, 2013


Why The Google Free Website Is A Bad Idea

Google teamed up with Intuit to dish out a special Google free website offering for those who reside in Georgia. This offering comes packed with a “free” website builder to help those who are inexperienced at building websites. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? And it isn’t. The offer has some major flaws and we’re going to investigate them right now.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are Better Than Google Adwords

December 1, 2011


Google and Facebook both have their own online advertising system. But which one is the better one? Google Adwords or the Facebook advertising system.

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Mobile Advertising – Coming To A Smart Phone Near You

October 5, 2011


Marketers are recognizing that there is untapped potential for mobile phones. Many people use their mobile phones to have immediate access to deals, friends and information when they are on the go. Now that businesses are making their websites more mobile friendly, people may earn more money with mobile assets such as Google Adsense and […]

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How Google Sees Australia in Autocomplete

December 7, 2010


Recently Google has introduced a new feature in their search services. It is called Google Autocomplete. When you start typing your search words Google automatically and dynamically offers you some of the most popular options. So, for instance if you were to type into Google the Australian states and state capitals you would find out […]

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Google Enters the URL Shortening Business

October 1, 2010


Web address or URL shortening business is getting hotter by the day. Everybody wants to have their own shortening service and Google is no exception. Google is the latest company to introduce a URL shortening service, While¬† is an easy and straight forward service with some nice analytics and even a QR or Quick […]

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Facebook Is Bigger Than Google In USA

March 17, 2010

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Did anybody see this coming? Social network becoming bigger than a search engine? Facebook said it can be done; and they’ve done it last week! Facebook surpassed Google in the United States to become the most visited site on the Internet for the week 8th-14th March 2010. As this feat is an amazing result for […]

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