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Introduction to Social Media Plugins

September 6, 2012


Introduction to Social Media Plugins for your Website

Everyone knows it’s important to be active on social media to promote your website. Adding social media plugins to your site makes this job a lot easier. There are some well established ways to add social media buttons to help promote your website. This guide features some of the most widely used ideas that have proven effectiveness.

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Content Strategy: Five Top Tips

August 29, 2012


No matter how good your writing skills might be, there is always room for improvement. Here are five top content strategy tips that you should always follow to make sure that your content is as good as it can possibly be.

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Syndicating Your Own Content? Why don’t you just shoot yourself in the leg while doing it!

July 20, 2012


Hello! I'm Google Panda and I'm here to kill your website!

Be careful when syndicating and promoting your blog posts. You can do more harm than good. Learn how to prevent duplicate content which affects negatively on your search engine rankings.

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Essential About WordPress – Three Infographics, One Video

June 21, 2012

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Essential About WordPress - Three Infographics, One Video

Want to know about WordPress? Arguably the most reliable and respected blogging platform in the world. Here’s three useful Infographics and a ‘Hot off the press’ video featuring lots of interesting and important facts and figures from the world’s favourite CMS software.

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50 Golden Blogging Tips For Business

March 22, 2012


50 Golden Blogging Tips For Business

50 blogging tips essential for successful business blogging and blog marketing. If you’re just starting out with a blog, these tips will save you a lot of time, and perhaps a little heartache as well.

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Is It Wise To Change Your Blog Name?

January 31, 2012


Changing the domain name of your blog is serious business. Read this post if you are planning to change the domain name of your blog. Social Media Revolver Is Coming – Aim Before You Shoot!

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