Disney Has Created a Wonderful Facebook Presence for The New Alice In Wonderland Movie.

March 3, 2010

Facebook For Business

Entertainment giant Disney Corporation is using Facebook effectively in promoting their latest movie, Alice In Wonderland. Their Alice In Wonderland Facebook Fan Page is one of the most customised Facebook pages we have ever seen. It is beautifully illustrated and filled with interactive features and all kinds of fun stuff for fans.

Alice In Wonderland Facebook Fan Page

The opening page is not the Wall as in most Facebook fan pages but a quirky Mad Hatter Flash application where you can join the Mad Hatter’s army to fight the Red Queen. There is also an invitation to a special Tea-Party (for getting the viral message out there) as well as plenty of videos and pictures. The fan pages feature a separate tab for the movie based Nintendo Wii and SD games as well as a live stream from the red carpet party. The stream is delivered by Ustream which is the other big name in Facebook streaming together with Livestream who produced the Foo Fighters concert three months ago (see post). Disney’s Alice In Wonderland Facebook page has attracted close to a million fans and as I’m writing this post the numbers keep on going up and up. These fan pages are a good example of how companies can use, and should use Facebook as part of their social marketing operations. Click here to see the fan page.  The new Alice In Wonderland movie, directed by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter opens in movie theaters March 5.

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5 Responses to “Disney Has Created a Wonderful Facebook Presence for The New Alice In Wonderland Movie.”

  1. Benjamin A. Wendelboe Says:

    I recently helped launch the web presence for a Danish TV show called Veninder på 1. klasse, and on Facebook, we did something similar to entice people who weren’t already fans..

    Not sure if I’m allowed to post links here, but here goes: http://facebook.com/veninder


  2. Kris Olin Says:

    That is a nicely designed Facebook Tab, Benjamin! Thanks for sharing.



  3. Tuula Says:

    The Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Facebook page really is great. I’ve spent too much time watching all the interesting features they have posted there. I’m going to see the movie tonight in 3D!! I’m so expecting it to be fantastical!



  4. AdamCMiller Says:

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  5. Garrett Miller Says:

    Dang, Disney sure got it right on this one! I wish I had 1/1000th of their budget for FB advertising, lol.



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