Facebook Advertising Guide is Released

November 23, 2009

Facebook Advertising

Do You Want To Reach 350.000.000 Targeted Customers?

Facebook Advertising GuideI have finally finished and published my Facebook Advertising Guide. It is currently available as a digital download managed by PayDotCom (108 pages, full colour) and it will be later available as a paperback.

Facebook Advertising Guide is not about fancy theories and statistics how to make million dollars on Facebook overnight. This guide book is a practical Facebook guide for all of you who want to learn how Facebook advertising works and how to do it effectively. Within the different chapters of this book I will present visual step-by-step guides how to do certain marketing operations on Facebook. There are also plenty of references and web addresses (URL’s) to various areas on Facebook and the web. Facebook Advertising Guide will show you how to bring your message across to over 350 Million targeted Facebook users quick and easy. I will teach you how you can advertise  effectively on Facebook plus how  you can create and advertise Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook News Feeds and much more. There are also plenty of real life examples of Facebook advertising projects from real companies.

If you would like to get a copy of the new Facebook Advertising Guide, please click here.

KISS Live on Facebook
Foo Fighters Play a Concert on Facebook

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3 Responses to “Facebook Advertising Guide is Released”

  1. Tuula Says:

    Congratulations Kris,
    looks excellent. So, there’s 300 Million people in Facebook…WOW, that’s a lot of customers.


  2. raimo hamalainen Says:

    I knew you were on to something…this is probably a milestone! Congratulations,Kris!


  3. Jimmielee Hatten Says:

    I joined facebook  Social Networking Guide about a year ago with Xlibris Publishing Company.  I received a Unsername  jimmieleehatte and  Password j69968  for my book The African American Family Reunion and I have never received the sale of one book.  Did they join me up correctly. or what is the problem


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