Fascinating Facebook Facts for Marketers

Fascinating Facebook Facts for Marketers

Facebook isn’t simply the web’s most popular site, it’s also the web’s most interesting site. Even though this article only touches on ten pertinent business-based facts about Facebook, the list could conceivably be 1,000 tips and still never touch on every interesting aspect of this social networking giant.

The site is absolutely enormous in both size and scope, and any marketer looking to use Facebook to further their business has a lot to look forward to if they’re able to properly harness the power of social media.

Ten Interesting Facts About Facebook

Here are 10 interesting facts about Facebook that should be useful if you are are using Facebook as a business tool.

1. Over 71% Of Americans Are On Facebook

In the USA alone, over 71% of all Internet users are also Facebook users. This means that nearly ¾ of everyone to log onto the net every day has a Facebook account. This type of number could relate to enormous brand recognition and sales, and that’s only one country.

2. Millions Of Actions Happen In a 20-Minute Window

There’s a lot that happens on Facebook every 20 minutes. For instance, every 20 minutes there are over 1 million links shared, 1.4 million invites sent, 1.8 million status updates, 1.9 million friend requests being accepted, 2.7 million photos shared, and a whopping 10.2 million comments posted.

3. Check In Before Breakfast

In the all-important business demographic of 18-34 olds 48% of Facebook users check their profile page as soon as they wake up in the morning. This means millions of people are filing into the site before they even eat breakfast!

4. Half a Billion People Log On To Facebook On a Daily Basis

An important statistic for businesses to realize, roughly 50% of all Facebook users sign into their page at least once a day. This obviously relates to extremely high brand visibility for the savvy marketer.

5. Massive Object Activity

Including all the many groups, pages, events and other objects on Facebook, users interact with over 900 million objects in total. This makes Facebook one of the busiest sites in the history of the Internet, and also makes Facebook users the most net-active people on the planet.

6. One Billion Pieces Of Information Shared Daily

Facebook users share well over 30 billion pieces of content per month averaging out to 1 billion pieces daily. Tapping in to that ocean of viral sharing is to put real leverage on your marketing message!

7. Facebook Is Speaking Everyone’s Language

The language barrier exists on most sites, but not on Facebook. This social networking kingpin translates over 70 different languages, meaning that you can reach people from every corner of the globe.

8. Worldwide Phenomenon

A lot of statistical studies of Facebook take place within the US, hence so many US-based stats. But a welcoming stat for those outside of the US, either through online marketing or operation: Over 70% of all Facebook users live outside of the US.

9. More Than 20 Million Apps Installed Daily

Every single day on Facebook, users are installing more than 20 million different applications. The significance here is that your company’s application could very well be one of them!

10. Facebook Has a Huge External Web Reach

Facebook is a brand that transcends a mere website, evidenced by the over 250 million people who engage with Facebook through other websites every month. This means Facebook’s reach is all-encompassing.

As you can tell from these ten facts listed above Facebook is the go-to place for social marketing. Due to so many people logging on, sharing content, and connecting with one another via the network, the potential for your brand exposure is limitless.

Editor’s Note: Here’s a great Infographic about some Facebook Facts 2012 from InfographicLabs. Feel free to share it on Pinterest if you have an account there. (Just roll-over the image and click the Pin It -button top right.)

Facebook Facts_Infographic

By comparison here is a great video from Hitesh Patel about some interesting Internet stats:

[Image: Mark Zuckerberg, Flickr, Andrew Feinberg, Creative Commons license.  Infographic: InfographicLabs.  Video: Hitesh Patel]

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