Foursquare App for Social Media Marketing

Foursquare App for Social Media Marketing

Location-based service Foursquare has launched an all new app for users of Android and iOS devices. The new and improved social network offers some cosmetic updates, in addition to a few new features users are sure to love. If you’re new to Foursquare, let’s have a look at their official video first:

But Foursquare isn’t just for the casual user who likes to check-in to the places they visit. It is also a fabulous marketing tool for businesses of all sorts. With that said, let’s explore how marketers can benefit from the new app.

Foursquare App Helps You Get Discovered and Followed

The act of following is a trend that has hit Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a host of other social networking sites. Foursquare added its name to the list a while back, but following people across the site was never the most streamlined process. Thanks to the recent update, it’s easier than ever. Users can now both find and follow brand pages in three easy steps:

  1. Fire up the Foursquare app and open the “Me” tab.
  2. Press the “My Settings” option.
  3. Choose “Find Pages”

Foursquare App for Social Media Marketing - Profile menu

The new Foursquare app allows users to search for pages by a specific brand name, or shuffle through the list of options that is automatically populated for them. Once they start following a page, they will have access to the check-ins, tips, and other activity running through the marketer’s network.

Foursquare App Gets You Recommended

One of the biggest changes the new Foursquare brings to the table is a redesigned Explore feature. The Explore function has been useful from day one, but previously, users were forced to manually seek out information. This time around, it’s served up to them on a platter. As soon as the user fires up Explore, they are presented with relevant information.

The new feature lets them know where their friends are, venues they can visit to save money, nearby locations they may be interested in visiting, and more. By presenting data based on the user’s check-ins, the check-ins of their friends, and check-ins of the entire community, Foursquare is essentially helping more marketers enhance their visibility.

Foursquare App for Social Media Marketing - Screenshot explore feature

A Bigger and Better Foursquare

With the recent launch of the new app, it is clear to see that Foursquare is out to create a better experience for both users and local merchants as well. The increased focus on relevance not only gives social media marketers the opportunity to drive more traffic, but the ability to better identify visitors, and target them when they walk through the door.

Foursquare has excelled at raising funds, but is now trying to figure out ways to generate a steady stream of revenue. In 2011, the New York-based firm was valued at approximately $600 million and raised about $50 million from venture capitalist backers.

Foursquare has a long road ahead of it, but a new app that emphasizes creating more visibility for businesses could be the key to attracting the revenue it needs to survive.

Are You On Foursquare Yet?

Let us know if you have already joined the growing number of over 20 million Foursquare users. Also, if you are using Foursquare as part of your social media marketing plan, we’d love to hear your experiences.

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5 Responses to “Foursquare App for Social Media Marketing”

  1. Abel Says:

    As a consumer I’ve used foursquare to check in at a local restaurant and a friend who was nearby saw that I had checked-in and came to join me.

    This has the benefit of not only increasing local search marketing, but also word of mouth marketing by providing social proof.

    Yelp app has a similar platform and should also be used for the overall marketing strategy.


    • KrisOlin Says:

      Now that’s how it works for the business owner! Instead of one customer, because of Foursquare he got two; and possibly doubled his sales. 🙂


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