How To Boost Sales Through a Facebook Ad Campaign

How To Boost Sales Through a Facebook Ad Campaign

Author: Elise Myers

Facebook today is much more than just a social media platform. It is a platform that has been optimized for the business owners for implementing sales and marketing strategies. In today’s time, Facebook adverts are undoubtedly one of the best ways that businesses can use to present their products and services in front of a larger audience.

You might have already seen businesses advertising on Facebook. According to the stats, there are over 2 million businesses already that use Facebook as a platform to advertise their business. This means that grabbing the attention of the users and encouraging them to make a purchase from you is becoming difficult with each passing day.

So, if we are already talking about a Facebook Ad Campaign, we will suppose that your business has worked its way to create a website and other social media channels for its social presence.

Now, what is it that you can do to boost sales specifically through Facebook Ad Campaign? Listed below are a few sure-fire ways that you can adapt and increase your sales through Facebook.

Target Specific Personas

Target Specific Personas

When you are posting content on your site, your aim should be to grab the attention of a specific of followers and get them to engage with your content. Your Ad campaign should be designed in such a manner that it should build a rapport with the people and get them to trust your brand.

Online reputation Management is a key cornerstone for improving engagement with your Facebook audience. This ensures that all the negative business feedback is countered judiciously and the positive feedback is encouraged and appreciated by your ORM team.

To improve the engagement, you could begin by posting some interesting things like pictures, questions, polls or any fascinating articles. You could even run a few interesting competitions on your page where winners could win any of your products or services. Also, make sure that you reply to all the comments on the Facebook Ad and other posts. This way you would be able to get your followers talking on your post and improve engagement.

Interact With The Audience In Real Time

Interact With The Audience In Real Time

Getting the audience to engage with your posts is one thing and interacting with them is another. If on a social media platform, you do not interact with your audience, you would slowly end up losing followers.

The main reason why people connect with you on a social media platform is so that they can interact with you in real time. Therefore, if the goal of your Facebook campaign is to increase sales, then you need to offer exceptional customer service and entertain your campaign visitors well.

Also, when people ask you questions, be quick to respond and also personalize the text/answer by adding the name of the person asking the question towards the beginning. This would help you to earn the audience’s trust and thereby promote ‘word of mouth’ advertising. This is a great way to boost your sales.

Grab Attention By Offering Incentives

This is perhaps one of the most popular ways of grabbing the attention of a user. You could begin by offering the audience an irresistible deal as the audience are always looking for one and thereby would be willing to purchase from you.

The next strategy that you can adopt is to use phrases that evoke urgency like ‘Hurry’, ‘Limited time offer’, ‘Last chance’, ‘Offer valid for today only’, ‘Limited stock’, ‘Offer expires tomorrow’, etc. People, of course, love a good deal but they tend to act quickly when they know that the offer is going to expire soon.

Introduce A Compelling Video Ad

Introduce A Compelling Video Ad

When you create a video,and sponsor it to advertise your products on Facebook, it is more likely to make its way into the people’s feed. This happens because Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes video content actively more than anything else. Also, videos are more engaging and quite a lot of people watch videos every day on Facebook.

With Facebook, as the video starts playing automatically when the user scrolls over it, there are high chances that people would stop and look at it. Refer to the video adverts of big brands of your niche and take a few ideas. This would help you in creating a compelling video advert and thereby boost sales.

Use Clear and Authentic Product Images

A good quality image undoubtedly attracts the users, compels them to click on it and thereby increase your ROI. Avoid posting images that convey nothing about the project as that would defer the users from clicking on your advertisement. Predicting CTR based on the features of the image is also possible as there are a few elements that are guaranteed to improve or reduce the CTR.

If you are using images that have people in it, use close-up so as to show their emotions. This would help in improving your CTR to a great extent. Therefore, use good quality images and include clear text describing the image (Adding text is optional but if you do decide to add text, make sure that the font is comprehensible).

Consider Creating a Custom ‘Call-to-Action’

Facebook came up with a lot of new and interesting features. One of its features allowed businesses to create a custom call-to-action rather than using the boring box format. However, not many brands or businesses know about it and therefore it remains greatly underused. But, if used properly, it can definitely help you to improve your CTR.

When you are setting up your ad on Facebook, click on the text and links section. There you would be able to find a lot of options like ‘sign up’, ‘shop now’, etc that you can choose from. You could even create a custom call-to-action if you want. It’s all about personalization and that would urge the customers to click on it, thereby boosting your sales.

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Optimize Your Page To Encourage Sales

If you wish to boost sales, you would want to make sure that you are attracting potential customers. The best way to do it is by optimizing your brand profiles on all the social media platforms. The very first thing that the users would do when they want to find out about your brand is search on Google. They are most likely to visit your social media pages from there to ensure that you are a reputable and reliable brand.

Social media profiles often appear at the top when someone searches for you and therefore you would have to make sure that your brand has accounts on all the major social media platforms. You would also have to make sure that the customers can find relevant information about you there.

This would go a long way in making it clear to the customers that your brand is reliable and most importantly, accessible. Try it and you would notice your SEO positioning improving as well.

Boost Your Chosen Well Performing Posts

Facebook has a feature that allows people to boost their existing post. A lot of businesses use this feature for the simple reason that it gets the desired results and even allows measuring the results easily. You could consider picking a post that was very popular and has a lot of click-through, shares and interactions. You know that if it worked well before, it is ought to perform well this time too.

Once you have chosen the boost, simply boost it so that it can reach thousands of people. You can even choose your targeted audience. It could be people who already like your page or reaching out to completely new people. Once done boosting, you can be sure of getting the desired attention and sales.

Facebook ads definitely work. You just have to make sure that the advertisement is compelling so that it is grabbing the audience’s attention and giving them a reason to click on it. Use the above-mentioned tips and tricks and you would be pleasantly surprised by the results that follow.

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