How To Get 460.000 Facebook Likes in 12 Months?

If you have a Facebook Page for your business one of your concerns would probably be “How to get Facebook Likes“. Well, there are several ways to do that. One solution to the problem is running a successful reality TV-show. Ok, that’s a bit extreme option, but still valid.

Master Chef Australia is a hugely popular reality cooking show in Australia; they have even cooked for Dalai Lama in that show!

Dalai Lama visiting the Masterchef Kitchen

MasterChef Australia has gained a massive following on Facebook in just 12 months. Last year they had ‘only’ 95.000 fans but now that figure has grown to over 560.000. That’s over 500% increase in just 12 months; the show gains 1.260 fans per day on average! Their Twitter account isn’t doing bad either with over 30.000 followers, an increase of 24.000 since last year.

How To Get Facebook LikesTheir Facebook Page is actually quite dull as you can see on the right [1]. It doesn’t even have a customized landing page or any other Like Us -suggestions! Now, this is not recommended, but sometimes you can get away with it.

The success of the MasterChef Facebook Page is not in the design in this case. It is in the conversations the Page initiates.

Most posts get hundreds, even thousands of comments; the Dalai Lama episode for instance received over 1.600 comments from the fans! The other engagement tool they us is polls. Running all kinds of interesting polls is a very clever and easy way to create excitement and buzz with your Facebook fans.

How To Get Facebook Likes

If you are not planning to run a TV-show for your business in the near future, luckily there are more common ways to promote and get more fans to your Facebook Page. One of the best methods is actually advertising your Facebook Page on Facebook. Surprise, surprise! Depending on your business, its target audience and the related keyword phrases it might be even cheaper than you think. Certainly a lot less expensive than advertising on Google.

MasterChef Australia is a competitive cooking reality show based on the original UK version of MasterChef. It is produced by Fremantle Media.

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[1] Not that dull anymore! MasterChef Australia have updated their page to the new Facebook Timeline format.

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    What is wrong with the TV bosses in Australia? It seems that they are deliberately trying to sabotage their channels and lose their viewers. Every other week they seems to change the viewing times of their shows so you never know what time your favourite program is on this week (or not). The latest giant mock up was done by channel 10 as they in their infinite wisdom decided to start the Master Chef finale an hour earlier than usual AND split the program in half. OMG what is going? Read more here:


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