How To Use Instagram For Business?

August 20, 2012

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How to use Instagram for business?

Integrating all of the different forms of social media available into the way that businesses conduct their marketing has quickly become the norm for businesses everywhere. In fact, it’s safe to say that if you aren’t utilizing social media to promote your brand then you’re behind the curve, and as more social media options emerge you’ll only fall farther and farther behind unless you start utilizing it now.

Businesses have embraced using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest in their attempts to connect with potential customers, and with the most recent integration of Facebook and Instagram it’s likely that Instagram will quickly become the new social media hotspot for marketing.

So how do you use Instagram for your business advantage?

1. Get followers to Instagram pictures for you

Connect your Instagram account to your Twitter and Facebook accounts and encourage followers to Instagram relevant pictures and then use a certain hashtag that your business has created. You have an instant way to promote yourself when people start Instagramming pictures for you and hashtagging them with brand-specific hashtags because you’re automatically exposed to all of their followers as well.

This is a slam dunk for combining Twitter into Instagram. And because Facebook currently reaches an even bigger audience than Twitter, by also uploading the pictures to Facebook accounts you maximize on the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

2. Show people what happens behind the scenes

Photographing what happens behind the scenes at your business gives people a more intimate look at your company and makes people feel more connected to you. This gives your business a more human feeling and makes you more relatable, and people love to be able to connect more closely with the businesses they utilize. The fun photo filters are just an added bonus.

3. Capture company events via Instagram

Most companies take pictures at events as it is and post them to their Facebook and Twitter accounts to give consumers a glance at what life is like in their company. Using Instagram to capture these events gives your company a modern, edgy feel that appeals to the younger, up-and-coming generations.

4. Use geo-tagging to connect with locals

Instagram’s geo-tagging feature allows you to tag photos based on your location. This means that when someone searches a particular location your photos will show up in that search, which is just another way to find potential new customers that you can connect with.

5. Hold a contest for followers

Encourage Facebook and Twitter followers to become Instagram followers as well by holding a contest to see who can take the best pictures relevant to your company or who can create the best collages. This helps to spread the word about your company’s Instagram account and market your business.

Extremely Short History of Instagram

How To Use Instagram For Business? Short history

Using Instagram for business is just one more way that companies can use social media marketing to their advantage, especially now that Instagram is tied to Facebook. Who knew taking photographs and applying filters to them could be so beneficial to a marketing campaign?

Are you an Instagram fan? Let us know in the comments?

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9 Responses to “How To Use Instagram For Business?”

  1. KrisOlin Says:

    I’ve just started my journey with Instagram, but I can already tell that it’s going to be huge social network. Thanks for a great article, Nancy!


    • Nancy Parker Says:

      Thanks for reading!! I think the potential that Instagram has is pretty exciting, especially in correlation with business marketing!!


  2. Mark Says:

    Aha! I love the little graph at the bottom.

    It is a little bit worrying when these hot properties generate no revenue, but then I have been being cautious since the first dot-com crash.

    Mark Davies | Strategy Internet Marketing


    • KrisOlin Says:

      I share your concern, Mark. I just can’t make any sense in a billion dollar price tag for Instagram; or any other social network for that matter! When did it get to this?


    • Nancy Parker Says:

      I think the exposure that you get from using social media is so high that it evens out as far as revenue is concerned. Since you reach such a wider range of consumers you’re more likely to reign in more business.


  3. Guest Says:

    Appreciate the information Nancy! I also use an ifttt Recipe to auto feed Instagram photos to the wall of my Facebook Business Page.


  4. thoughtDOGconsulting Says:

    Appreciate the information Nancy! I also use an ifttt Recipe to auto feed Instagram photos to the wall of my Facebook Business Page.


  5. Conall Patel Says:

    Hey Mate!!

    I need to know any Instagram application for desktop? such as watsapp. If yes then please share with us.

    Many thanks


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