Is Facebook Ruining Our Lives? Infographic

April 3, 2013

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Ah, Facebook!

Mark ZuckerbergWhat started out as a plain old directory for Harvard undergrads and alumni from Mark Zuckerberg and the gang suddenly exploded into a social media network used by almost anyone with access to the internet. Be in front of a computer at work or at home, or even when people are outside and on the go, there’s no denying that a large majority of the online population makes use of the leading social network out there.

Facebook Causes Relationship Issues

Recent studies have shown that Facebook may not be as fun as we think. For starters, it’s been shown that Facebook causes relationship issues not only between “friends”, but among romantic partners as well. As socially positive as the site sets itself to be, these studies only go to show that the social axe can swing both ways as well.

On a more personal note, Facebook has also been seen to cause internal anxieties particularly among young adults, where studies have shown that those who were more active on the popular social network were more likely to develop a susceptibility to depression. Add to this the obvious distraction from schoolwork that Facebook causes and we can see how Facebook can actually also be a tool that could cause problems to the average young adult.

Facebook Ruining Our Lives -Infographic

This infographic from Who Is Hosting This sheds a little more light on the subject to further detail how exactly the leading online pastime can be causing more problems than we’d like to think.

After seeing what the infographic had to say, perhaps you yourself would want to rethink the amount of time you spend online to keep updated on your friends and tend to virtual crops and so on. Better yet,..

Why don’t you head on out and reach out to your friends in person?

Is Facebook Ruining Our Lives? Infographic

Is Facebook Ruining Your Life?

Have you noticed if Facebook, or any other social network, has had a negative impact on your life lately? How many hours a day do you actually spend on social networks?

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7 Responses to “Is Facebook Ruining Our Lives? Infographic”

  1. Kris Olin Says:

    You hit the nail on the head, David! I am definitely one of those people who spend way too much time on the social networks! I think we should declare a Facebook Free day, or even better: Facebook free week!


  2. David Says:

    Get this for an April fool; friend of mine changed his bday to April 1st that morning so it then appeared to everyone that it was his bday and we should wish him many happy returns….which a lot of people then did, including me, even though I have known the guy years and know full well his bday is NOT on April 1st I was so used to automatically clicking LIKE or writing ‘HBD’ without even thinking about it :/


  3. Stan Faryna Says:

    I enjoyed your warning, David.

    If Facebook is creating the broad and pervasive new risks that the infographic suggests, that is a powerful testament to it’s value. And service.

    The online experience can be captivating (and problematic) and it has been ever since the BBS groups of the pre-browser days. I know because I was there. [laughing]

    Obviously, the ultimate responsibility and accountability of one’s usage and life, however, belongs to the user.


    • Kris Olin Says:

      I agree, Stan! It is our own responsibility and right to choose the way we waste our lives. I suppose Facebook isn’t that bad compared to other addictive stuff such as tobacco, alcohol, gambling etc.

      Thanks for your comment, mate!



  4. darrick Says:

    My facebook friends are boreing… sometimes i wish i could just go onto someone elses facebook account… maybe renting FB accounts is the next big thing… it would be like, second life but a facebook version…

    anyways, i found u thru Pinterest. thats whats running my life now a days.


    • Kris Olin Says:

      Darrick, I first heard “Facebook is lame” some three years ago from a 17 year old. Perhaps young people still have hope…?

      Anyways, Pinterest is absolutely brilliant! If used properly it can drive some serious traffic to your website or blog. For instance the biggest drivers for Social Media Revolver at the moment are LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest!


  5. Andrew Bailey Says:

    this is a test comment to see if it goes in to moderation


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