Is Google Plus Going To Be The Ultimate Social Network?

August 16, 2011

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Is Google Plus Going To Be The Ultimate Social Network?

If you are using social networks such as Twitter and Facebook you must have heard of Google Plus or Google+ by now. Google Plus was launched June 28 this year as an invite-only networking service and so far its has created a storm in the social networking scene. Some have even called it the Facebook killer or Twitter twister or whatever. Google Plus is so far in its field testing phase but its growth rate has been nothing short of phenomenal! Its user base has grown at an alarming rate since its inception. Google Plus has taken only about five weeks to reach 25 million users where as with Facebook and Twitter it took almost three years. MySpace did a little better by doing it in about 20 months.

Google Plus Users

But, do we really need another social network? The short answer to that question is of course we don’t. We are already wasting plenty of time hanging out on Facebook, Quora, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram and the like. However, Google thinks there’s room for one more. Actually, they think that its time somebody finally does it right. Google Plus is combining all the best features from the other social networks and tries hard not to repeat their mistakes such as the privacy issues of Facebook or the limited communication space on Twitter. It has a news feed section similar to Facebook but it’s not limited to 140 characters as on Twitter. It also has photo and video sharing features, and it has games. Yes, I’m talking about Angry Birds and some other cool time wasters.

As Google Plus is developed by Google you will need a Google account such as Gmail to log on and use it; and that is one of  the most interesting and competitive features of the Google+ service. It has perfect email integration, something that all the other networks have struggled to develop properly. There are over 200 million Gmail accounts in the world and that fact alone makes it a serious competitor to Facebook and the rest. The other distinctive feature is the ability to divide your contacts into separate groups, or circles as they are called. This allows you to distribute different messages to different audiences. You can keep in touch with your friends and family with one circle and with your business acquaintances with another. Quite handy, eh?

Here is a clever Google + marketing video done by Los Angeles based Brake Media:

As I mentioned Google Plus is currently in test mode and invitation only. If you would like to give it a go, just subscribe to the Email delivery of this blog top right as I will be posting out my invites later on this week.

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3 Responses to “Is Google Plus Going To Be The Ultimate Social Network?”

  1. Kris Olin Says:

    I still have some invites left for Google Plus. Log on to your Google account or Gmail and then click this link: and you’re in!

    Look me up while you’re there: +krisolin (


  2. Chiu Y Wong Says:

    I have an idea for the ultimate social networking software. Whoever adopts it and adopts it well will be the winner in this very lucrative market. My idea is for a social networking site that allows multiple identity (MI) for each person. We all have multiple identities. We show different sides of ourselves to different people. While Google+ stops at circling contacts, MI allows each person to show different sides of ourselves. Say for the Professional Me, not only will the contacts be in one group, but the phone numbers, pictures, other contact details, profile, could be different, or the same as another identity if I choose. To ensure the success of this site, features that allow the user to easily and properly manage the MI would be essential, but can be done. Other identity could be the Wild Me, Private Me, whatever ones fancy take them.


  3. Kris Olin Says:

    Sounds great Chiu! You should talk to the guys at Unlike. They are cooking up a storm I hear.


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