Is It Wise To Change Your Blog Name?

January 31, 2012

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Social Media Revolver Is Coming – Aim Before You Shoot!

I’ve got some exciting news! I have finally decided to change the domain name of this blog. The old name ( is not really reflecting the scope of this blog any more. Facebook is just one, although important section covered in this blog, but a lot of the articles are actually not Facebook related at all. It also has the name ‘facebook‘ in it which is not really a good idea if you are not, well … Facebook.

So, the new name of this blog will be: (insert drum roll here)

Pretty cool name, eh? I got lucky with this one as it’s quite hard to get a proper domain name (without hyphens) with the words ‘Social‘ and ‘Media‘ in it. I already owned but even though it had a Page Rank 2 and three good keywords in it it was a bit boring. I think SocialMediaRevolver packs a lot more punch, and it ‘s easier to remember and type without those pesky hyphens.

#SocialMediaRevolver tag trending in Brisbane -

#SocialMediaRevolver tag trending in Brisbane, Australia

This new name will serve the blog a lot better as it is not all about Facebook anymore. We’ll be covering the whole exciting spectrum of the social media world from Twitter and LinkedIn to video marketing and blogging for social impact. There will be a How To -section as well; Social Media news, -tips and -tricks, …and of course the important Facebook stuff. We’ve got lots of exciting articles lined up from our awesome guest bloggers as well.

How to change the domain name of a Word Press blog?

That is a serious question!

At the moment I am right in the middle of this rather unpleasant process of moving everything over to the new domain. The main goal here is not to loose the links to URL’s of the old articles. Also we don’t want to lose any of that important SEO juice the posts have gathered over time.

Luckily I’ve had lots of valuable help from some clever social media professionals. Thanks JGJane and Kristi! Follow these guys, they know some serious stuff!

If you are subscribing to the RSS feed or email delivery of this blog, don’t worry FeedBurner will recognize the name change and it will be business as usual.

As soon as the migration is done and everything is up and running I will let you know how I did it and how the whole process went. Wish me luck!

Let’s get the ball (or the cylinder in this case) rolling

As some of you would know it is quite tricky to break in a new domain name, so if you want to help me out it would be great.

I have a temporary homepage set up at the new blog address, so if you could please go and click on those Twitter and Like -buttons it would be much appreciated!

Click here to see the page:

You can also click those buttons right from this post if you like:

Thank you for your support!

Kris, admin

PS. Let me know if you have actually pulled the same stunt, or if you are planning to do it in the future.

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16 Responses to “Is It Wise To Change Your Blog Name?”

  1. Carolyn Nicander Mohr Says:

    Wow, good luck with the name change. I know this will be a monumental undertaking, but it sounds as if you have excellent advice from the pros. I guess this is a warning to those who want to start a blog not to name it too narrowly and not to use the trademarks of others.

    A few years ago Apple started going after bloggers and podcasters who used iPhone in their names so they had to switch to other names, even though their content was strictly limited to iPhone. This helped them in the long run as they were prepared with different names when the iPad came out. As each one I follow covered the iPad as well as the iPhone, they didn’t have to change their names to indicate their expansion of coverage.


    • KrisOlin Says:

      Thanks, Carolyn! 

      I have been planning this move for several months and, at first it seemed too much to take on. But, as I gathered more info on the topic and got some great advice from friends I came to the conclusion that it needs to be done.

      This is definitely a case how ‘not to choose a narrow name for your blog’. Also the use of famous online entities is not a good way to go. I’m making the move before I get burned….


  2. LaRae Quy Says:

    I like the name change – it does pack a lot more punch! I’ve agonized over changing the name of my blog as well, because like you, the focus of my blog was changing. The difference is that I realized I was getting away from what I really wanted to focus on and that by staying with my original name, I was staying on course. But the re-evaluation you describe of your goals with your blog is a good thing and maybe something more of us should do . . . thanks for the tips!


    • KrisOlin Says:

      Thanks for the heads up LaRae! I think SocialMediaRevolver is a pretty funky name too!

      Probably the most common reason for a name and/or domain name change is just like in our situation; the focus of the site has changed so much that it need repositioning. Personally I’ve been procrastinating over this for about a year (yes, can you believe that?!), so I’m really happy that it’s finally happening.

      Now I can concentrate on a much wider scope of interesting areas of the social media world.

      My task for today is to manage our awesome guest bloggers, so that their articles will get transferred over correctly to the new domain.

      I have also picked up an awesome new Word Press theme from Woo themes that adds an additional twist to the change over process. Phew!  

      I’m really impressed how the Woo guys work and do support, so if anyone needs to jazz up their old blog theme, check them out here:

      <-Yes, that is my affiliate link. I just joined up 🙂

      [The link looks a bit funny, though. I wonder if it'll work? Oh well, I worry about that later…]


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, great name. I know how hard it is to find a proper domain name with social media in it, especially one that sounds good.  Congrats! 


    • KrisOlin Says:

      Yes, I got lucky there. Usually when you are looking for something cool as well as useful keyword-wise all you find is names with hyphens. Thanks for your comment, Dave! 


  4. KrisOlin Says:

    If you are reading this comment that means that my blog name change was successful. The old blog URL is now redirecting to this new one and everything seems fine.

    The only problem is that I’m a bit short on the SEO juice now. Most of the social sharing actions have not yet transferred over, but I hope it will happen eventually. (fingers crossed…)

    I will write an entire article on how the whole process this went down soon, so stay tuned.

    In the meantime it would be great if you could give this blog a little social boost by clicking those sharing buttons at the top and bottom of the post. 


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  6. Timo Kiander Says:


    Transfer to my new domain went well. However, I just left an comment for Jane regarding Feedburner and Twitter.

    In fact, what did you do with the Twitter account … did you create a new one to reflect your new domain name?



  7. KrisOlin Says:

    Regarding domain redirection I wonder if I should have done 301 redirect straight to the domain name registry instead of using .htaccess file method. 

    Any experience on this, anyone?


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