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Justin Flitter

Social Media for Businessinterview series presents prominent Internet professionals from all over the world who are at the cutting edge of the latest Social Platforms. During this exciting and truly international interview series our experts reveal what are the most useful Social Media Tools and what you need to consider when you start using Social Media as part of  your marketing mix.

Justin Flitter is a Social Media Mentor based in Auckland, New Zealand. Justin has been a Social Media Practitioner for over 12 months. Justin’s passionate about using social media to enhance the customer experience. He connects the dots online and offline to create a more rewarding experience for the business and its audience, turning fans into influencer’s. Justin blogs at blog.flitter.co.nz.

Q1. What are the most important social media platforms at the moment?

There are only 3 that I am bothering to invest time and effort into. They are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Q2. How do you see Social Media has changed the advertising communication?

Trust, referrals and conversations. Advertising has changed shape. People dont want to be yelled at, they want to be apart of the conversation, sharing and engaging with that brand, learning and getting deals they might otherwise not have been exposed to.

Q3. How do you measure the effects of Social Media Marketing?

I measure social media through website traffic, level of engagement (# of conversations/interactions, sentiment) and sharability (how often my posts were RT’d, clicked, liked etc)

Q4. What social media platforms would you recommend to a company that is just starting their online marketing?

Thats a loaded question. First you have to listen and research to find out which platforms people are already talking about you on and go there. If there are no mentions of you go to Facebook and Twitter and start there

Q5. What are the key points to remember when a business starts using Social Media?

  • Get the right people involved
  • Listen first act second
  • Integrate the online and the offline
  • Follow those who engage with you
  • Teach people about your product so they are smarter that your competitors customers

Q6. How does Social Media Marketing differ from traditional marketing?

Traditional = one way

Social Media = 2 way +

Q7. Do you think every company (that has a website) should have a Social Media Strategy? Why?

A website is not mandatory. The question should be if your business has customers should you have a SM strategy? The answer is always yes. You work out how your business will use SM, you dont have to copy others. Even if there are zero conversations happening about your brand you have the power to start and create them. Thats driving more buzz towards your business.

Q8. How do you see Facebook as a Social Media Marketing tool?

Facebook works really well for retailers and tourism businesses and not as well for B2B service businesses. Its a place for rich media content and discussions that need more than 140 characters. The advertising platform is useful for impulse marketing and is highly targeted. Plus FB covers are wider audience so you’re able to reach more people and its very easy, much easier that twitter to share content.

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