Marilyn Monroe Is Still Hot After 50 Years – Thanks To Social Media

Marilyn Is Still Hot After 50 Years

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most recognizable women in the world. Even 50 years after her death in August 5 1962 Marilyn is more famous than ever. Who would have thought that Norma Jeane Mortenson from a small suburb in Los Angeles would later become the sexiest woman on the planet we all came to know and love by the name of Marilyn Monroe?

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. -Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was a huge success in Hollywood 1948-1958 and she’s still a huge success today. Marilyn Monroe™ as a brand has been managed very professionally by the Marilyn Monroe Estate generating $30 Million+ revenue annually. The Monroe Estate controls the sales of all kinds of branded products from sunglasses and shower curtains to T-shirts, lipstick and perfumes; and they are using all the latest marketing tools available including social media.

Marilyn lives on forever; on Social Media

Social Media has been instrumental in sustaining Marilyn’s successful career for so long. The Monroe Estate is using everything but the kitchen sink from the social media spectrum. Marilyn has a presence in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, MySpace,  iHeartRadio, Slacker, Zwooq just to name a few.

Marilyn Monroe on Social Media

The hugely popular Marilyn Facebook Page has over 3.3 million fans. Marilyn also has close to 53,000 followers on Twitter. I wonder who actually writes all her tweets?

Marilyn’s Pinterest account launched not too long ago has already gathered well over 4,000 followers; and as a proper Hollywood diva, she’s not following anyone back! These three social media networks are the main platforms that are used prominently on the official Marilyn Monroe website, which is at position 390,486 on the most popular website list according to Alexa. This is actually quite good considering there are half a billion websites in the world.

When you search for ‘marilyn monroe’  Google returns 64.4 Million hits about her. By comparison Katharine Hepburn gets a measly 5 million, James Dean 34 million and Frank Sinatra 43 million results. Elvis on the other hand is still the ‘King’ with close to 200 million search results.

The magic of Marilyn Monroe

If you are still wondering how Marilyn can be so famous after all these years just have a look how she does her magic on the 1953 motion picture Niagara.

… oh, and did I mention she was married to an All American baseball legend, Pulitzer prize winner and she was the ‘unofficial girlfriend’ of a president?

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12 Responses to “Marilyn Monroe Is Still Hot After 50 Years – Thanks To Social Media”

  1. Merry Sparks - Artist Says:

    Yeah Marilyn IS still hot and always will be.  She’s the topic of conversation in so many forums and is forever the subject of any artist, so I’m one of many who has painted her…here’s one of them “LOL” (Lots of Love), oil and acrylic by me, Merry Sparks.


  2. Merry Sparks - Artist Says:

    Yes Kris, “LOL” is for sale AUD$1,400 inc GST (plus freight from Brisbane, Australia to anywhere in the world).  “LOL” is 60cm x 70cm, oil and acrylic on stretched canvas.  See:  particularly the gallery called “The Restless” for more details. 


  3. James Duval Says:

    This is really interesting Kris!

    One of the criticisms I see from business owners and bloggers levelled at mainstream social media is that it’s a transient medium, what you write doesn’t stick about forever. There are tools like to counter that to an extent…

    …but posts like this prove that social media isn’t nearly as temporary as people think it is, anyway. Strong social branding can last and last.

    That’s my opinion anyway.

    Cheers for another great post.


    • KrisOlin Says:

      Marilyn joined Facebook November 18, 2009 so it hasn’t actually been that long they (Monroe Estate) have been working on her social media brand.

      In a case like Marilyn’s, Elvis, Buddy Holly, James Dean, or Amy Winehouse as a recent example the task of maintaining a brand online is actually not that hard when the artist has already become world famous by other means.

      Thanks for your comment, mate!


  4. Andy Nathan Says:

    There are some good movies that came out over the last few years about her as well.Loved My Week With Marilyn.


  5. Rizwan Says:

    It’s truth. Social Media Optimization can help to improve the business very high.


  6. Jlee Says:

    I just love Marilyn Monroe and have many collectibles. I had no idea “she” is on Twitter and jumped on to follow! Great post, thanks for the info.


    • KrisOlin Says:

      Jlee, it was a surprise to me as well to see Marilyn on Twitter. It’s crazy to see all these passed away artists appear on social media isn’t it?


  7. John R Smith Says:

    Yeah you are right. I think that Marilyn Monroe should thanks to social media for that.


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