Mobile Advertising – Coming To A Smart Phone Near You

Marketers are recognizing that there is untapped potential for mobile phones. Many people use their mobile phones to have immediate access to deals, friends and information when they are on the go. Now that businesses are making their websites more mobile friendly, people may earn more money with mobile assets such as Google Adsense and AdMob.

After Google released AdSense for high end mobile phones, advertisers were able to place ads beside the content that users browse on smartphones. This new mobile application only targets users with high end phones. The development of mobile websites featuring Google Adsense and AdMob may allow retailers to receive real time responses from customers that walk into their stores.

Google’s +1 Button

Businesses that have standard websites have numerous options for making their websites more user friendly for the user. Not only will mobile Adsense increase visibility, but also the Google +1 button. The +1 button is a way for users to recommend content from their mobile phones.

According to one source, the button will also improve the way pages appear in Google search engine. Adsense will work in conjunction with the button and will not affect the appearance of the ads on the site. When the sites are recommended, this gives companies more opportunity to advertise.

View Performance Reports Online

Users may also view AdSense performance reports online. As users receive the feedback, they can tweak their websites to yield better results. Results may be received and changes may be made in as little as 24 hours. When changes are made instantaneously, users increase their visibility and chances to earn more revenue from their websites. Because of the improvements, more companies are expected to invest more in mobile advertising.

Mobile Advertising from a Web Publisher’s Perspective

Web publishers target high-end mobile browsers and also WAP Browsers. These individuals can reach Google advertisers by bidding directly for mobile inventory. Since the advertisements are optimized for the small mobile screen, users may view the advertisements better. Targeted advertisements are also possible when the ads are optimized.

Mobile Advertising from an App Developer’s Perspective

Application developers that were previously using AdSense have migrated to AdMob. AdMob is catered more towards the way application developers work in their daily lives. This application measures and promotes a developer’s mobile applications. The applications may be designed for tablets, banner ads, video ads and full screen rich media ad. Applications may be promoted for free and through paid methods.

Application developers may also monetize across numerous platforms to increase their exposure and earnings. In fact, access to AdMob’s network allows developers to advertise the applications to tens of thousands. AdSense and AdWords can supplement AdMob. AdSense is a good starting point, and AdWords can help clients reach millions of users in the Google Display Network. AdMob is also integrating its capabilities with DoubleClick. With online reporting and conversion tracking, the developer can monitor the campaign’s return on investment (ROI) easily.

Examples of Mobile Ads in Use uses ad networks to monetize mobile assets and also to improve mobile ad packages. The ad networks are used to supplement direct sales and generate more sales for the company. Mobile advertising is becoming an instrumental part of the company’s marketing strategy.

TV Guide Digital also uses mobile applications and mobile advertising to generate interest online. This company was one of the first pioneers in mobile advertising. TV Guide increased the number of downloads of its application to three million with a small advertising budget. They built a strong mobile customer base for their mobile TV guide application by using AdMob and AdSense for promotion.

Mobile broadband comparison sites usually use Adwords and aim for relevant tech sites to have their ads published on their sites. When browsing through web sites on your mobile phone you may find mobile broadband comparison websites publishing their Google AdSense ads on some sites that aren’t so relevant as well, this may increase chances of getting AdSense clicks by mobile phone users wanting to improve their mobile broadband speed.


Many companies will be adding mobile websites to remain competitive in their market place. If the industry gains momentum, companies that are prepared in advance will have an advantage. Experts expect the market to be fruitful, since millions of people have access to cell phones with WiFi access or mobile web access. If your company is not currently utilizing AdMob and AdSense, experts urge you to consider this way of marketing as an option.

Let us know if you, or your company have been using  AdMob or AdSense in your online marketing and what kind of results have you experienced.

If you are on the receiving end of these mobile commercials how does that feel when your Angry Birds game screen features an ad from PizzaHut?

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This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a tech writer specializing in mobile broadband, internet, satellite TV4G LTE and smartphone apps. Ruben also writes for Broadband Expert. 

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Ruben Corbo is a tech writer specializing in mobile broadband, internet, satellite TV4G LTE and smartphone apps. Ruben also writes for Broadband Expert.

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