Pinterest For Business – 10 Ways To Pin It

10 Tips How To Use Pinterest For Business

Pinterest is a fun and useful tool for business and online marketing. The visually oriented virtual pinboards allow users to pin and share images they find appealing. With over 12 million active users Pinterest is growing quickly; in fact it is one of the fastest growing websites ever! The site is already being used successfully by many big brands.

According to Mashable Pinterest drives more web traffic to other sites than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. See related post: Pinterest vs. StumbleUpon.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest users can easily post images from other websites into their own account using the “Pin It” tool on the task bar. They also like, comment on, and/or “repin” content others have already posted. Users often have multiple boards. My boards, for example, include Marketing and Social Media, Products I Love, and I Workout. Many pinners create boards for recipes, craft projects they’d like to try, and wish lists. No doubt, you’re already thinking about the boards you’ll create.

Each user decides which boards to follow, putting the control of what content they see in the hands of the viewer rather than the sharer. (Unlike Facebook, for example.)

How Can You Take Advantage of Pinterest for Business? Follow These 10 Tips.

    1. Integrate Pinterest with other networks. Pinterest allows you to sign in via Facebook or Twitter. You can share your pins across your networks, letting those who already follow you know they can find you on Pinterest, too.
    2. Use images. To ensure that your blogs are pin-worthy, be sure to include an eye-catching image with each post. Pictures of any products you sell should be enticing to pinners who may want to pin, comment, or like. Infographics are hugely popular as well.
    3. When you pin, ask if your followers would re-pin. Include a link to your website, blog, or other social media presence.
    4. Try a creative campaign. Consider a contest where your fans create images to be featured on your Pinterest page. Allow voting on favorite items on a specific board. Try featuring how-tos, videos, and posts that show another side of your service or product (we love behind-the-scenes).
    5. Clearly label your boards. Think about the audience that will view it. Individuals can choose to follow all of a users boards or just the ones that interest them. (Compare this to Twitter where many people manage two accounts, one for business and one for pleasure. On Pinterest your boards can be completely unrelated and won’t flood your followers’ streams with things they’re not interested in.)
    6. Use Pinterest widgets on your website, etc. Pinners will recognize that red P logo anywhere. (See our Pinterest -button further down the page.)
    7. If you’re a photographer or designer, consider using Pinterest as a portfolio.
    8. Control who can pin to boards. You can create boards that only you can pin to or allow a few specific people to pin. Create a community board and anyone can pin to it.
    9. What doesn’t get measured can’t improve. Unfortunately there are no brand pages as of yet and therefore no metrics, but you can use tools like Google Analytics to track the popularity of your boards.
    10. Get inspired. Be sure to follow those that might give you further ideas for marketing campaigns.

Pinterest For Business Infographic

Here is a great Infographic by Maria Peagler featuring some important things you need to know when using Pinterest for business purposes. (Sorry for changing the colours, Maria)

Pinterest For Business Infographic

Pinterest For Business Video

This excellent video from Matthew Loop talks about the use of Pinterest in marketing your brand or business. Enjoy!

What About Your Pinterest Account?

Are you already using Pinterest in your business? Let us know in the comments below.

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Pinterest For Business Book

If you want to learn more how to use Pinterest in your business, check out Pinterest For Business Made Easy from Kim Castleberry. [Yep, you guessed it, it is an affiliate link. Still, the book is actually very good!]

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