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campbellsFacebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. It is one of the greatest applications alongside Twitter and MSN Live Messenger to keep up with your friends.  But did you know that you can use Facebook effectively to promote your products and/or services as well? Facebook is also an execellent vehicle to create or reinforce brand awareness.

Here are two effective methods you can use Facebook for business purposes:

1. Facebook Ads. Advertising your products or services with Facebook Ads you can reach upto 200 million active Facebook users. These advertisements are the small ads you see on the right hand side of your profile page. For some reason I tend to get a lot of beer ads (?). As a marketer you can advertise to your potential audience by using their age, gender, location or personal interests as a targeting factor.  You also can target people with specific keywords they have written in their profiles. This type of advertising is one of the most targeted marketing vehicles in the world! There are very few competing medias where you can use so many specific factors as how to reach your audience.

2. Fan pages. Another way of advertising on Facebook is creating a fan page about your product or service. A lot of rock bands use this method very effectively. For instance, a great Finnish Goth Rock band Nightwish have over 250,000 fans! Do you think you could do some serious marketing to that audience? Yes, you could! You can start discussions, post photos and write announcements on your page for your fans to see. You can also send official updates to all of your fans, or just a segment of your fans who, say, are female and live in Sydney Australia. (Image by Andy Warhol.)

Retailers Are Using Twitter and Facebook to Reach Their Target Audience.
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11 Responses to “Promote Your Products Using Facebook”

  1. Nathan Says:

    There is a great page on Facebook for Business here which has a list of the best Facebook applications for business.


  2. Kris Says:

    Nice page, Nathan. I reckon Squidoo is an awesome tool for all kinds of business.


  3. Angel Asuncion Says:

    We offer make 20 % annual with solid investment in real estate & software Development Global Projects, So How is possible to do a Facebook global campaign And help Small & medium Investors on a secure & serious way


  4. Angel Asuncion Says:

    We have 2 projects to help Small and medium investors on a secure and solid way during years and decades. How is possible to do a Facebook campaign ?


  5. Tim Nolan Says:

    We are launching a new product line on This website serves a unique product line targeted to those with interest in competitive sports. Our growth on our Fan Page has been very steady.

    My first attempt of leveraging Facebook as a marketing tool was with a benefit event for a friend ( The immediate exposure you have to your social network and your social networks’ network is baffling. People who had never heard of our friend became aware of who is and contributed to his behalf.


  6. AdamCMiller Says:

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  7. Sazan Says:

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    1First Project have to be especially in Balkan areas like Macedonia,Kosovo and Albanian marketplace.
    And the second covers all Balkan States.

    The second project is
    Small and Medium companies to give all information necessary related to exchange information on consumer products.


  8. Kyle Griffin Says:

    i don’t use Squidoo anymore, i often use Hubpages to make new articles;~;


  9. Decking Kits  Says:

    my squidoo webpages are mostly related to travel and living, next week i’ll make another one.;.


  10. Pradeep Says:

    What is the growth rate of business using ur promotional strategies.How much growth can i expect once i am engaged with u all ????


  11. Prabhmeet Says:

    This video was informative, but looking for new ideas for advertising products / services on face book. (A window face book shopping page)


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