Save Your Time Scheduling Posts For Instagram With Onlypult

Save Your Time Scheduling Posts For Instagram With Onlypult

For some users, Instagram is just a cute photo blog, and for some it is an important marketing tool. In this article we would like to tell you about Onlypult (, a professional service for Instagram maintenance.

Onlypult is meant for an active work with this social network. It makes all the little things that consume the most of your time much easier and simpler. You can maintain up to 40 Instagram accounts without having to switch between them.

1. Publish Your Photos From Your Desktop

Create your photo and video posts and even galleries. Add your edited pictures, write descriptions, choose tags.

Onlypult - Publish Your Instagram Photos Direct From Your Desktop

You can publish your posts in real time or schedule them. SMM specialists can create series of posts for the future.

2. Work With Your Comments

Answer the comments you get right from your desktop computer – it is much more comfortable with the normal keyboard. Remove spam or anything unpleasant. Comments can also be scheduled for the future.

3. Pick Your Hashtags and Geo-Tags

Add hashtags and geo-tags to your pictures. This adds more coverage to your publications and adds up to better ranking. This way your shots will be shown to more users.

4. Make Reposts

You can repost other people’s content if you have their permission. It is pretty convenient if you would like to increase your users’ engagement using some content made by other users.

5. Research Your Analytics

Onlypult has pretty detailed analytics: Engagement of your users, audience coverage, growth of the followers. You can look at the analytics in real time and download your report in a PDF.

Onlypult - Research Your Instagram Analytics

6. Share Responsibilities

You can give access to your Onlypult dashboard with Instagram accounts without giving away their passwords. You can always add new managers and safely switch off the former ones.

Onlypult plans start from 12 dollars a month, and if you buy a year plan, you get a 30% discount. Click here for more details.

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