Seven Steps To Enhance Your Instagram Marketing

Seven Steps To Enhance Your Instagram Marketing

Instagram has evolved from being your online photo album, into a fully-fledged social media platform that connects people to other people, and to businesses. Instagram also found its way to become a marketing channel.

Instagram marketing sounds, but it is definitely tougher than it sounds. It has the potential for reaching a lot of potential customers, but doing so effectively is a challenge. In this time you have to include it in your business plan so that when everyone’s online, you step up your marketing game and get noticed.

To help you out, we’ve come up with seven steps that you can take to enhance your Instagram marketing. Just follow these steps and you are bound to see the results:

1. Make An Effective Username That People Can Easily Find And Remember

Seven Steps To Enhance Your Instagram Marketing - No 1. Make An Effective Username

The first step in enhancing your Instagram marketing is having a username that people will easily find and recall. Your username should, of course, include your company name or brand name. Should your brand be similar to someone else’s find a way to make yours unique but still not far from your actual name.

Part of your Instagram identity is your profile picture. Use a photo that people can distinguish even without looking at the name. Also, write a short but substantial bio to let your followers know that you are legitimate.

2. Add An Account Theme To Create Familiarity

It is helpful if you concentrate on one theme for your posts. Your posts should be relevant to your brand of course. Centering your posts on just one theme will help you come up with regular posts that transition smoothly.

Seven Steps To Enhance Your Instagram Marketing - No 2. Add An Account There To Create Familiarity

Focusing on one theme also allows you to be known for it. It turns you into an authority of some sort on the theme you chose, and you attract people whose interests fall in your theme, for example, Tropical, Moody, Pastels, Color coordinated and etc.

3. Characterize Your Content Strategy

It is a good idea to give character to your content. Make it appear that the post is talking to the reader. You can use the second person point of view to address your audience directly. Otherwise, use the first person point of view as if your brand is telling his story. Using the third person point of view should be avoided because this does not engage the reader at all.

Seven Steps To Enhance Your Instagram Marketing - No 3. Characterize Your Content Strategy

To further give your Instagram a sense of personality, experiment with your unique way of coming up with a post. Some make use of memes, and that works for them but you would have to use your own unique way so that you can truly engage your readers and be known for it.

4. Take Clear And High-Quality Photos And Videos

It is of paramount importance that you only post high-quality images and clips. Using low-resolution photos, or an unclear video will surely deter followers.

Seven Steps To Enhance Your Instagram Marketing - No 4. Take Clear And High-Quality Photos And Videos

Commit yourself to posting only clear and high-resolution images. Do not let your brand be associated with mediocrity. Always thrive for the best in everything that you do. Your brand is only as good as how your audience can see you. So if your audience comes across a terrible post the first time, it is more likely that your users would stay clear from our page.

5. Link Your Other Social Media Accounts

The next step that you should take in enhancing your Instagram Marketing is linking your other social media accounts to it. We encourage you to tap multiple online marketing platforms, like other social networking sites and applications. If you haven’t tapped into other social networking sites, then you better start off now!

Seven Steps To Enhance Your Instagram Marketing - No 5. Link Your Other Social Media Accounts

For those who do have multiple social media accounts, make sure that you link your other social media accounts. This way, your content would be seen by the, even more, potential audience than you could imagine. Widen your network, expand your reach, and reap the benefits.

6. Use The Best Hashtags For Your Posts

One of the challenges of being on Instagram is coming up with hashtags. There is no one perfect way to have the best hashtags for Instagram but here are some ways that can help you come up with a unique, catchy, and memorable hashtag:

  • Use hashtags that are already associated with over 10,000 posts. Some hashtags already have a bit of traction already so it’s worth a try to capitalize on this. Or,
  • Come up with a unique hashtag of your own. If you have a knack for playing with words, then consider coming up with a hashtag of your own. You may play with words in order to make them more catchy

Seven Steps To Enhance Your Instagram Marketing - No 6. Use The Best Hashtags For Your Posts

Again, there is no one best hashtag for Instagram. Choose or come up with one that is appropriate for the post, or your brand. Remember, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post, so make sure you use that to your advantage. In addition, if you want to get a starting point for Instagram analytics there are certain tools that are available.

Here are the top 7 free Instagram Analytics Tools:

  1. Simply Measured
  2. Social Bakers
  3. Squarelovin
  4. Union Metrics
  5. Quintly
  6. Iconosquare
  7. Pixlee

They are helpful for your Instagram marketing to understand what resonates with your potential customers and where they can optimize your content output.

7. Apply User Generated Content

One last step that we believe can enhance your Instagram marketing is by showcasing user-generated content. Doing this further encourages engagement with your audience, and also helps you become more credible in the eyes of your other audience.

People appreciate it when they are presented with unbiased content like testimonials of fellow buyers or users of a product for sale, for example.

Seven Steps To Enhance Your Instagram Marketing - No 7. Apply User Generated Content

In order to gain user-generated content, you should incentivize your audience. Hold an online contest where your users should post relevant photos or videos, and then feature and reward one or more contestants. Instagram is full of photography-inclined individuals so you are bound to come across quality user-generated content.

Enhancing Your Instagram Marketing With Our 7 Steps Above

We have shared with you our recommendations on how you can enhance your Instagram marketing. It’s up to you to follow or not. But we do stand firm when we say that these seven steps can truly level-up your marketing initiatives on Instagram.

Stand out from other Instagram marketers. Beat the competition, and be on top. Nothing will be lost when you try our seven steps anyway. Besides, these are 7 tried-and-tested steps that will truly enhance your Instagram marketing.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these steps now!

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