Six Ways To Use Pinterest As A Marketing Tool

Six Ways To Use Pinterest As A Marketing Tool

Many marketers emphasize a lot on the Facebook, the most popular social media platform, and understandably so. The Facebook has the highest no. of active users with over 1.9 billion active users. However, it does not mean that the marketers should ignore other social media platforms for their marketing platforms because each one of them has their specialty, and one of the popular social media platforms you must not ignore as a marketer is the Pinterest.

The Pinterest is one of the popular social media platforms, which is well-known among marketers for a visual marketing campaign. According to Semiocast statistic, there are over 70 million active users in the Pinterest now, and that number is steadily growing.  You can tell your story to millions of Pinterest users in a fascinating way with an alluring visual content on the Pinterest platform. More than 74% of the marketers use visual content for their social media marketing campaign, which is ahead of even blogging and videos, as per the Social Media Marketing Industry report 2016.

The visual marketing is one of the hottest trends now, and the marketers who do not use the visual marketing on their strategy are lagging behind. You can tell your story in many different ways with the help of visual marketing. You can use GIF image, infographics, memes, and more types of images to tell your story effectively. If you’re still not using visual marketing, then it’s a high time for you to use it.

Marketers Must Use Pinterest: Here Are Some Of The Tips To Use It Effectively

Many marketers fail to get anything substantial out of the Pinterest platform because of the poor strategy. In this section of this article, I will share some of the tips that will help you get a better result from your social media marketing campaign.

1. Be Selective

Yes, it’s free to publish on your wall, but your followers are also free to un-follow you. Many brands and normal people make the mistake of posting just about everything, instead of publishing something that could arouse the interest of their followers. The first thing you need to do is to be selective while publishing something on your wall. Don’t just publish each product on your store because it will irritate your followers.

Instead, you should first conduct a bit of research at first before publishing a post on your product. Look out for some of the best products on your store, and then pin it. It will help in engaging your followers, which can significantly boost your sales. If your pin is getting a lot of engagement from your followers, then you can search for the influencers by conducting a bit of social media outreach, and ask them to share your content to further boost your reach.

It’s almost certain that the pin that can gain a lot of praise from your followers will be able to gain a lot of praise from other people besides your followers. Asking influencers to share your content will increase your reach, and it can add to your list of followers too.

2. Share Your Lifestyle In A Smart Way

Many marketers often forget that they are promoting their products to human beings with emotions. If a page only shares their products, then the chances are that their followers will ignore their future posts. What you can do instead to increase your engagement is you can pin your lifestyle, which will help in increasing the excitement among your followers. Some of the most popular pins on the Pinterest platforms are foods, fashion, and home decoration. And, almost everyone is likely to be interested towards these things.

You must have observed a huge engagement in the post by a person wearing fashionable clothes. That person is not directly promoting the product, but that person is sharing his lifestyle with others. You should learn from them. The Lowe’s hardware store is a good example of the brand sharing the lifestyle. This brand has tailored its activities to its followers.

The business account of the Lowe’s hardware includes everything like the gift ideas, style inspiration for each room, and more. These pins link to its online stores that help to enhance its sales. It showcases various lifestyle ideas. Because of its interesting pins on the Pinterest platform, it has managed to get over 3 million followers. According to Search Engine Land’s statistic, around 71% of the active Pinterest users are female. Think about this fact while developing a strategy for the Pinterest marketing campaign.

3. Develop A Network Of Influential Guest Influencers And Partner With Them

Developing a network is a key for both online and offline marketers. If you want to do well with your Pinterest marketing campaign, then you would not like to miss out the chance to partner with influential guest influencers on the Pinterest platform. The Pinterest group board is a great way to build a relationship with guest influencers. You should include guest influencers that can contribute new and useful insights on your board, which can engage your followers.

When a guest influencer that you invited posts something on your board, it will appear on the wall of both your followers and their followers. This enhances the reach of your board and the post. This will also help you to increase the no. of followers on your board that falls on your target market. However, you should not invite a lot of guest influencers to post crappy stuff on your board, as it will deteriorate the quality of your board. Only invite quality guest influencers to contribute to your board, and develop a strategic alliance with them.

4. Show Love And Care To Your Followers

Each human being craves for love and care, and you should realize this fact. The company can get some loyal customers because of their love and care for their customers. Remember that your Pinterest account is your online brand, and your account is followed by the group of real people. While it is difficult to reply each follower that comment on your posts, but you can do something very simple that will show that you care for your followers.

Say Thank You to your followers, reply to the messages that you get, and do something creative to show how much you appreciate the effort of your fans. For instance, you can post something like cake or the symbol of love, and thank your followers for spending time on your accounts and posting valuable insights on your posts.

5. Add Human Factor To Your Posts

There are many things you can do to add the human factor to your posts. Most of the people get tired of looking at only things that benefit the company. By adding the human factor to your posts, you will make your followers realize that they are interacting with the real people, not just an artificial emotionless brand. You can just share the images of your family and the people around you without any intention of promoting any product. It will help in starting a casual conversation, just for fun.

You can also publish a post to wish a happy birthday to your staff or images showing the backstage of your workplace, and so on. It helps in building a personal relationship with your followers.

6. Keep On Inspiring Your Followers

Most of the people want to be inspired, which is the reason you see many people sharing inspirational quotes and images. Understanding your followers want to be inspired, you can publish some attractive images and share your testimony to inspire others to move on. Here is a quick fact for you. According to the rjMetrics study, around 80% of the pins are repined in comparison to just 1.4% of retweets.

This shows that you have a greater chance of getting repins than retweets. Share something inspirational; touch their heart; and boost your reach. Inspiring your followers consistently will make your followers visit your board more often, which is a good thing for your brand.


Like many other popular social media platforms, you can get a high return on your investment if you use Pinterest effectively. There are more than 500,000 business accounts on the Pinterest platform, and most of them are capitalizing on the huge potential of the Pinterest. The brands like clothing brands, cosmetics, restaurants, and so on, which highly depend on visuals, should focus more on the Pinterest and other image-sharing platforms like the Instagram.

Use the tips mentioned in this article; keep on learning; keep on trying out new strategies, and combine the Pinterest with other social media platforms to maximize your return from your social media marketing campaign. And one more thing; you should always keep on updating yourself with the latest trends and marketing knowledge. This is crucial for marketers because the world will always keep on changing, and you cannot succeed as a marketer in a long run if you refuse to keep yourself updated.

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