Survey Reveals: Facebook User Interface Is Getting Worse

September 9, 2011

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Facebook has done quite a few of updates to their user interface lately, and it seems to go all wrong for them. See results of a quick survey how Facebook users find these updates.

Facebook has over 750 million users at the moment. A lot of them have been with Facebook since the beginning 2004 and experienced a multitude of updates and upgrades to the planet’s most popular social networking website.

Recently Facebook has done quite a few of these updates, and especially the Facebook GUI (graphical user interface) seems to be in a constant state of flux. This has upset a lot of people as some elements of the page are here this week and there (or even gone) the next.

Is Facebook User Interface Getting Better Or Worse?

Last week I showed you How to Run Surveys on Facebook. As an example I did a survey on how Facebook users feel about the direction Facebook is going with their interface updates.

– It’s not looking good.

As you can see from the graph above most people (82%) who answered to my survey thought that Facebook is going in the wrong direction. Facebook users feel the interface is getting more and more complex. Only 11 per cent thought it’s getting better; and someone even created a new option, ‘Who cares’ which gained 7% support.  So, it’s not looking good for Facebook at the moment.

Most of the users think it is getting harder to navigate the site and use all the cool functions that Facebook actually offers. Hmm,.. now there’s a message to the designers and programmers working on the GUI in Palo Alto.

Even though my little sample survey was by no means statistically significant (yes, I did take a course in statistics at the Uni), it still shows quite clearly the general view that most users are not happy with the way Facebook is treating its user interface. Facebook’s competitors are using this and the recent privacy issues to gain more followers to their alternative social websites; the latest being Google Plus.

What do you think? Is Facebook really driving away its users with these constant updates, or do you think it’s actually getting better?

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2 Responses to “Survey Reveals: Facebook User Interface Is Getting Worse”

  1. Kristine Putt Says:

    Funny, I said exactly this to someone else today: FB keeps changing things, and while their UI has never been entirely intuitive, it’s gone from bad to worse lately. Like a great recipe, if you keep adding things, you’ll eventually spoil the pot.


  2. Kris Olin Says:

    I agree Kristine, the more you start making things better, the worse it actually gets. I just hope someone realises this at the FB headquarters and put some breaks on.


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