Ten Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page

June 30, 2011

Facebook Pages

Remember the days when it was a must to have a website for your business? Well, those days are now long gone! Today, it is a must to have a Facebook Page for your business as well. Some companies don’t even have a website anymore. They are using Facebook as their front end to the Internet. Facebook has been traditionally a network for real people, individuals like you and me.

There are currently about 700 million of us using the network; and when there’s lots of people in one place it’s bound to attract some savvy business people as well. And this is where Facebook Pages come in to play.

Ten Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page

When Facebook first introduced the Facebook Pages some years ago they became a big hit. The main idea was to provide Facebook users, who are also business owners an option to feature their businesses as well. Facebook’s Terms of Use prevent the use of Personal Profiles for commercial purposes, but with Facebook Pages you can promote your business as much as you like.

For instance Diageo, who own a brand of vodka called Smirnoff has created several Facebook Pages for the world famous drink. Smirnoff has built customized Facebook Pages for USA, UK, Australia, India, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany and Argentina. Together these pages have more than 3 million fans all over the world! What a great global marketing concept!

So, if you don’t have your own Facebook Page for your business yet, it is time to do so. Today. Here. If you already have one or two, then here are:

Ten Great Ways How You Can Promote Your Facebook Page

1. Invite People to Like Your Page

You’ve got your own personal friends on Facebook, and some of them would definitely be interested in your business affairs as well. Send them an invite and ask them to Like your page.

2. Secure Your Facebook URL

After you have managed to get 25 fans for your Facebook Page you are eligible to apply for a Facebook username. For example www.facebook.com/yourbusiness. This is very important as once it is chosen you own it for good. Facebook URL is comparable to registering your own domain name for your website; except Facebook names are free. You can set your username here.

3. Show Your Facebook URL

Put your Facebook URL everywhere in your business communications. Put it in your business cards, stationery and email footers as well as print and TV advertising.

4. Promote on Twitter

Add a link to your Facebook Page into your Tweets. Connect your Twitter account and Facebook Page so that they feed information to each other.

5. Send an Email Blast

Send a few emails to your contact list and opt-in list inviting them to Like your new Facebook Page.

6. Advertise Your Facebook Page on Facebook

This is one of the best ways of getting fans quickly. Run a targeted advertising campaign on Facebook inviting people to Like your Facebook Page. Related post: How To Get 10.000 Fans To Your Facebook Page in 90 Days?

7. Keep Your Page Fresh

Once your Page is up and running do not abandon it.  Keep its Wall content fresh. Remember the viral nature of Facebook; when someone interacts with your Page the action appears on that person’s news feed promoting your page to their friends.

8. Use Facebook Social Plugins

Install a Facebook Like Button or Like Box on your website or blog. This will increase you fan base and creates additional traffic to your Facebook Page. You can find the Facebook Social Plugins here.

This blog is using both the Facebook Like Box, which you can see on the right; and the Like Button which is part of the social sharing panel at the beginning and end of each article.

9. Interact With Your Fans

Remember to always respond to comments on your page. Ask questions in the discussion board.  When someone new becomes a fan of your page, sent them a welcome message. If you have staff working for you consider adding them as an admin. This way you can share the responsibilities of your Page maintenance.

10. Write an Article

Write a few articles about your business, services  or products and send them to the biggest Article Directories, such as Ezine Articles or Go Articles. Put your Facebook Page URL in the source box. This will bring additional traffic and fans to your Page.

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Want to know more? Get advanced Facebook Marketing guidelines and step-by step instructions from the Facebook Advertising Guide.

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  1. Carolyn Says:

    Very helpful article, thank you! I’m just starting out on FB for my photography biz and have been a little lost as to how to get more fans. I’ll be implementing your tips! 🙂


  2. Lowell Says:

    This is a great list. Straight forward and to the point. Thanks!


  3. diane Says:

    Great advice, facebook is becoming a great place to promote products and services


  4. Sawpon SH Says:

    I want to link Facebook page with twitter account. Anyone can help me please?


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