The Trick To Finding, Watching And Winning Facebook Sweepstakes

This week our guest blogger Jessy Troy shows that you too can be a winner on Facebook  Sweepstakes and giveaways.

The Trick To Finding, Watching And Winning Facebook Sweepstakes

Plenty of people really love giveaways. I have known a few people who will spend an hour or more a day applying for contests, and they make a pretty good bit of loot from it. Not just cheap little prizes either; some of my friends have won things such as iPhones, Wii consoles and cash in the thousands. A coworker’s cousin even won a new car once!

Facebook is a great platform for these contests, because so many are updated on a regular basis. If you put your name on enough forms, you are bound to win something. Sometimes it is as easy as just pressing ‘Like‘ on the right page. You will be surprised by the success you can find in this simple way.

But you might be wondering how it is you go about finding, watching and then winning these amazing contests. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch, right? Wrong! I have won quite a few of those myself.

Just follow these simple tips and you will be on your way to joining the ranks of Facebook Sweepstakes winners.

Finding The Facebook Sweepstakes and Contests

The most simple way is by doing a basic Google search. “Facebook”, “giveaway”, “contest” and “sweepstakes” are all good keywords. The only downside is that there is no way to control how recent the top results will be, and so you might have to do a little bit of digging to find what you are looking for.

Facebook itself has a page that you can use to find popular contests currently being held all over the site. This is the Facebook Sweepstakes App, which separates the different promotions into categories. It is a fast way to navigate, but it usually only has larger company sweeps, rather than those for smaller sites, blogs or local stores. has a page of contests on Facebook listed that they update regularly. You can usually find anywhere up to 100 listed at any time, but some will inevitably have passed before you get to them. Especially since these contest types have a tendency to  be short, which increases your chance of winning by reducing the number of entries.

Another great site that lists more selective (but higher winning) contests is Sweetie’s Secrets. It is maintained with next to constant updates, and most members have found a great deal of success with full time sweeping using this program. However, it does cost $25 per year to join.

What Contests Are Worth It

Technically, anything is worth entering, especially with how easy it is to put in a bit of information. Your browser will even keep a lot of it cached, so you can just select the proper info and submit that. I wouldn’t say anything is actually not worth trying out, just in case.

But some will have better odds than others. The best way to calculate your odds of winning is by checking to see how many people have liked the contest.

Since you have to select ‘Like’ on the page of most to be eligible, it gives you an exact count of how many names you are up against. For example, a recent promotion for Explore Sedona had only 720 likes. Only one will be given, and so you will have a one in 720 chance.

If you want to increase you chances of winning, try and get to the contest near the end. This will let you see how many have entered, and what your odds happen to be. The only exception is if you are allowed to enter multiple times, in which case starting early and keeping at it is your best bet.


You can really win a lot using Facebook sweepstakes. All you have to do is find them and enter, which is as simple as typing a few lines of text. So get started now, and see what you end up with!

Let us know if you have entered any Facebook Sweepstakes recently and if you had any success.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks a lot for publishing my article! I feel honored!


  2. Tuula Says:

    What a funny co-incidence to be reading this just now; earlier today I ‘Liked’ a Byron Bay Resort page to be in a contest to win a pampering holiday and other stuff. I haven’t won anything yet, but this would be one of my favorite prizes, so fingers crossed. I did get a free dinner and drinks for me and whole family from a restaurant that gave a $20 voucher for everyone who ‘liked’ their page for a few days. Of course I told everyone to do it and we had a lovely family dinner at their expense!
    Great tips for finding more contests! Thank you.


  3. Stan Faryna Says:

    I visit this blog post now because Kris Olin is in one of my Triberr tribes and I feel strongly that this community will not hold together if we don’t bring some civility and service to the table.  For example, courtesy suggests to me that community-minded members visit each other’s blog once per month, leave a kind comment, and like-plusone-share it if we deem a post to be interesting, memorable, and awe-inspiring. 

    I know that at least five of my Twitter followers that will enjoy Jessy’s blog post and find it informative and useful.

    I also want to thank Kris for approving my blog post links via Triberr. I appreciate his continued support in the face of Triberr having gone manual. And I reaffirm my commitment to support his endeavors as a blogger as much as I can.

    Thank you, Kris and Jessy.


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