Top 20 Most Popular Facebook Pages

If you are wondering who has the most fans on Facebook you might be in for a surprise. It’s not a person but  a game; poker to be exact. The Facebook version of the popular poker game is produced by the US based games company Zynga with their head quarters in San Fransisco, California. Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker has managed to get close to 40 million Facebook fans all over the world! Another poker related Facebook Page is no. 5 on the list. Lady Gaga manages close to 30 million fans on Facebook.

Here are the Top 20 of the Most Popular Facebook Pages today

1. Texas Hold’em Poker 37,905,921 Facebook Fans (or Likes)

2. Facebook 35,088,205

3. Eminem 29,765,888

4. Michael Jackson 29,584,587

5. Lady Gaga 29,477,995

6. YouTube 28,095,974

7. Family Guy 26,439,603

8. Rihanna 26,227,599

9. Harry Potter 26,106,112

10. Linkin Park 23,913,476

11. South Park 23,033,264

12. Coca-Cola 22,905,242

13. Shakira 22,817,342

14. Justin Bieber 22,593,529

15. The Simpsons 21,503,988

16. Megan Fox 21,185,932

17. Bob Marley 21,019,965

18. Cristiano Ronaldo 20,990,949

19. Vin Diesel 20,972,498

20. Lil Wayne 20,827,596

Bubbling under at no. 21: Katy Perry 20,006,776

So, the most popular Facebook Page belongs to an online poker game that you can play on… Facebook, of course. The rest of the top 20 list consists of musicians, actors, TV series and the like. There is one food product though, Coca Cola, and based on this short analysis it must the “The Real Thing” as its biggest competitor Pepsi has only 3.3 million Facebook fans.
If you are wondering who the devil is Cristiano Ronaldo, he is is the most expensive player in football history after moving from Manchester United to Real Madrid in a transfer deal worth US$132 million. The world’s most popular coffee shop Starbucks just missed the list as it was just a few fans short of Katy Perry.
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  2. John Cunningham Says:

    It’s amazing to think that Texas Hold’em poker has more fans on facebook than facebook itself!



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