Top 7 Tools For Improving Your Social Media Skills

February 1, 2017

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Top 7 Tools For Improving Your Social Media Skills

How many social media platforms do you use? Do you include Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and other sites in your daily routine? The most important question is: how well do you use them?

We’re using social media to find the information we need, connect with people we know and don’t know, and even buy things. However, the primary reason for social networking is leaving a stamp of our own personality in the online world. Through our profiles, we are showing who we are. We’re creating an online persona that helps people form impressions about us.

It doesn’t matter whether you use social media for marketing purposes or you just use it as an individual. You still have to present yourself in the best light. When you’re using something every single day, you might as well use it effectively, right?

In the continuation, we’ll give a list of 7 tools that will improve your skills in using social media platforms.

1. Buffer

Top 7 Tools For Improving Your Social Media Skills - No. 1 Buffer

You want to be present on several social media platforms at the same time? You have a blog and you’d like to promote it everywhere? Maybe you use only Twitter and Facebook, but even those two websites are taking too much time. Buffer is the solution.

You can take one hour in the morning to schedule the posts you plan to share on different social media platforms. The tool will automatically post them at the right time, so you’ll reach the platforms when the activity levels are at the peak. You can either post the same message to all accounts, or you can schedule customized posts for each profile you have.

The tool supports textual, photo, and video updates. It supports 7 networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.

What skills will you develop?

Time-management! Instead of browsing through the feeds during different times of the day, you can schedule your updates ahead.

2. MeetEdgar

Top 7 Tools For Improving Your Social Media Skills - No. 2 MeetEdgar

This tool also enables you to schedule post for social media. However, it adds another important element: repurposing. Do you remember that awesome post of yours that got you tons of comments, likes, and shares? With MeetEdgar, you can recycle such successful posts, so you’ll reach more traffic with the same content.

All posts you publish with Edgar are stored in a neat library with categories such as Cat Puns, Blog Posts, or Quotes. According to the schedule you create, the tool will publish posts from each category at a given time. You won’t even bother looking through your popular posts to figure out what update to repurpose. Edgar will do that automatically.

Why is it important?

For your efficiency. When you don’t know what to post, but you also don’t want to leave your feeds inactive, Edgar will save the situation.

3. Tailwind

Top 7 Tools For Improving Your Social Media Skills - No. 3 TailWind

If you’re using Pinterest for marketing, then you can’t just pin your content and wait for people to start repinning it. You have to find a way to promote it. Tailwind, as the official partner for Pinterest marketing, will help you do that.

This tool enables you to schedule pins, make bulk uploads, and create multi-board pins. It will send you reminders about the boards that need some optimizing. Plus, Tailwind will tell you when your audience is most engaged, so you can schedule the pins to reach them at the right time.

Why should you use it?

Tailwind helps you improve your Pinterest marketing skills. If you’re promoting a site, product, or service, these are a must!


Top 7 Tools For Improving Your Social Media Skills - No. 4 IFTTT

If this, then that – that’s the recipe for efficient networking. This tool can help you make simple daily tasks easier, such as muting your Android phone when you arrive at work, or getting mobile notifications when the chances for rain are high. However, it will also help you connect different social media activities. Here are some of the popular IFTTT recipes in that aspect:

  • Save photos you’re tagged in on Facebook to a Dropbox folder
  • Back up photos you’re tagged in on Facebook to an iOS Photos album
  • Keep your Twitter and Facebook profile pictures in sync
  • Tweet your Instagrams as native photos on Twitter

Will you gain any skills?

Multitasking! You’ll be multitasking like a pro.

5. Australian Writings

Top 7 Tools For Improving Your Social Media Skills - No. 5 Australian Writings

You have a blog you want to promote through social media? That’s one of the most effective marketing strategies. People on all social media love useful posts that solve problems or help them learn something new. But, how do you write all that content? What if you can’t write posts that frequently? That’s where Australian Writings comes in.

This is a service that lets you collaborate with trained writers from different areas of study. They will work according to your instructions, and you’ll get high-quality posts done on time.

What’s the main benefit to it?

Writing! If you improve your writing skills, you’ll be closer to the status of a social media star.

6. Studio

Top 7 Tools For Improving Your Social Media Skills - No. 6 Studio

This is a photo-editing app that allows you to be even more creative with your Instagram posts. Instagram is a platform that works with visual content. You have a lot of competition out there, so you try to make your photos as perfect as possible. Still, sometimes it’s hard to be different from the crowd. With Studio, you can add attractive layers to your photos, so everyone will see your message.

If you’re using Instagram for marketing, then you know that people rarely read the descriptions along the photos. With this tool, you’ll encourage them to do so.

Is there a skill you’ll gain?

Of course there is. You’ll improve your design skills, which are very important if you want to get noticed with unique content on Instagram.

7. Little Voices

Top 7 Tools For Improving Your Social Media Skills - No. 7 Little Voices

Are you bothered by all that nonsense your Twitter feed is full of? You want to see people’s opinions, but you keep getting images, links, and replies you’re not interested in. Suddenly, it seems like real tweets are getting rare on Twitter. Little Voices will change that.

This tool cuts down the visual noise on the platform. It leaves you with the important things: updates that allow you to get new information, have a good laugh, and start conversations with Twitter users.

How will it help you?

It makes tweeting way more effective, and it makes the platform more useful for you.

Social Media Defines You

Whether you like it or not, you define and show your unique personality through the way you use social media platforms. Leaving an empty profile while being constantly present and liking other people’s posts makes you look like a stalker. You need to be present, and you should definitely develop an authoritative presence. That’s why improving your social media skills is a great idea. The 7 tools listed above will help you do that.

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  1. Jayarrgii Says:

    Hey Jessica! Jessi from Meet Edgar here, thank you so much for including us in this round up!


  2. Kris Olin (@KrisOlin) Says:

    Great post Jessica! I am a big fan of Buffer, and it seems that our readers are using it as well. Also Meet Edgar seems very interesting! Jessi, I just sent you an invite 🙂


  3. Jessica Freeman Says:

    Hey, Kris! Thank you for publishing my post! Yes, both Buffer and Meet Edgar are useful tools, no doubt in that 😉


  4. Jessica Freeman Says:

    Hi Jessi, I’m happy to share! Meet Edgar is truly a great tool, one of the best in the list!


  5. Melvin Says:

    Hey Jessica, thanks for a nice post, appreciated it so much. I haven’t heard about IFTTT and MeetEdgar before. Their funny brand names caught my attention 🙂 Since you’re writing about not so well-known tools, I thought you’d probably enjoy the tools I use personally – AdParlor, Inkybee and Unplag plagirism detector are truly useful. Hope you’ll like them too!


  6. Jessica Freeman Says:

    Hi Melvin! Thank you for sharing. I will definitely check these tools out and even do a small research on them 😉


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