Triberr and Klout. What are these strange new social websites?

August 22, 2011

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I have a confession to make. I had never heard of Triberr before I read Eugene Farber‘s article 12 Rules to Increase Your Klout Score.  I was somewhat familiar with Klout, but I had not really paid any attention to that one either. I knew that Klout was some sort of an influence measuring tool based on your presence and interactions on the web.

People’s social online influence is evaluated by their Klout Score, which uses data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare. As I am heavily involved with all of those social platforms (well maybe not Foursquare that much) I thought I’d better go and have a look what my Klout score might be. It was 39. That’s not very good is it? If the scale goes from 1 to 100, then 39 is like a D+ or C-. I think I’d better do something about it.

How to boost your Klout Score?

Eugene’s blog post had some great ideas how to boost your Klout score and one of them caught my attention:  “Rule #12: Join Triberr. It can drastically increase your Klout score.” Triberr? With two r’s? What the heck is that? Another weird name and no idea what it’s about. Well, I thought, if it boosts your Klout I’m going to check it out. So, I had a look at the Triberr website and decided to make some use of it. There was only one problem. You can’t actually join Triberr just like that. You have to be invited. What a bummer!

How to get into Triberr?

Ok, if Triberr is hard to get into, it must be a cool place to hang, so I contacted Dino Dogan, the mastermind and gate keeper of the most prestigious super tribe, Anubis and asked him if I could join up. I thought I’ll go straight to the top on this one! Chief Dogan checked out my blog and said – “No”. Not until you clean up your blog of all the commercial junk, banners, Google Ads and whatnot. I have to admit the man had a point. My blog was kinda messy with all sorts of useless stuff in the side bars (yes, I had two of them!). So, I cleaned up my blog, changed my WordPress theme, contacted Dino again and this time I was in! Wohoo! I was happy as a clam, but at the same time I thought this better work for me after all this trouble.

Once I got into Anubis I was quite amazed what it did to my blog posts. The fundamental idea of Triberr is to promote (re-tweet) your tribe members’ blog posts and increase their foot print on the web; and I have to say it really increased my audience. For my first blog post with Triberr, “Which Social Website Generates The Most Traffic?”  I received 305 additional clicks, over 60 re-tweets and about 20 Facebook Likes. And, as Eugene promised, it did increase my Klout score heavily!


In about three weeks my Klout score has increased from 39 to 56. That’s more than 30%! During this period I did not do any other significant maneuvers on the web, so my conclusion is that hooking up with Dino, Eugene and Dan Cristo (he’s the other head honcho at Triberr) really made the difference. If you are an online personality and especially if your business depends on it, please pay attention to your Klout and join a tribe; preferably Anubis. There’s only 34 of us but our reach is almost half a million people!

If you would like to join Triberr send me a line and maybe, if you’re good enough I can recommend you. (See, I’m one of the cool guys now!). As for your Klout score, you can check it out here.


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9 Responses to “Triberr and Klout. What are these strange new social websites?”

  1. Dino Dogan (@dino_dogan) Says:

    The blog is looking pretty slick these days, Kris 🙂 hehe

    Glad Triberr is working for you. When we crated Triberr the intention wasnt to increase anyone’s Klout score, but as far as side-effects go, thats not a bad one 🙂


  2. Evelyn Alvarez Says:

    Great post and humor plus wonderful writing…it kept me engaged from start to finish.


  3. Kris Olin Says:

    Thank you Evelyn and Dino for your kind comments. Nice side-effect indeed!

    I just had a look at Triberr’s profile on That’s some pretty serious uptrend we’re talking about!


  4. Kris Olin Says:

    Ha! After I released this article my Klout score went up a notch the following day! It’s now 57. How about that!


  5. Saul Fleischman @applications development Japan Says:

    Yes, you are “one of the cool guys,” and fortunate to get in Anubis, BTW – not so easy to enter (ahem…) Also, congratulations on that huge Klout jump; hopefully “Klout Perks” will shine a light on Australia (and maybe Japan as well…?)


  6. Kris Olin Says:

    Thanks Saul,
    Yes, I just read this morning that there are now over 100 million people on the Klout. It’s growing like wild fire; almost as fast as Triberr : )


  7. Dragon Blogger Says:

    I enjoy using Klout only because I earned a few perks I really liked over the past few months, I generally try to give at least 10-20 klouts to others in my sphere of influence to be social and giving.


  8. KrisOlin Says:

    I just received and update from Klout about their measurements. As expected they have added Google+ to the arsenal: 

    [Quote] Currently, we actively measure five networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Google+. These are just some of the actions Klout uses when determining your Klout Score:

    Twitter: Retweets and Mentions
    Facebook: Comments, Wall-Posts, Likes
    Google+: Comments, Reshares, +1
    LinkedIn: Comments, Likes
    Foursquare: Todo’s and Tips, Done


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