What Could Mark Zuckerberg Buy if He Sold Facebook? #Infographic

The Facebook IPO two weeks ago has caused a lot of press and fuss around Mark Zuckerberg – after all it was the largest tech IPO in history. Unbelievably Zuckerberg also managed to squeeze in a wedding the very day after selling his company to the public!

So after some of the speculation – just how much is Mark Zuckerberg worth? Here is an infographic to help you find out exactly how much he was worth at the IPO share price of $38. If the sums are a little hard to comprehend then fear not – this infographic puts it all into perspective by seeing exactly what Mark Zuckerberg could buy if he were to sell.

What Could Mark Zuckerberg Buy if He Sold Facebook? #Infographic

Of course this is not a serious financial evaluation and assumes that firstly he has the cash in the bank, which he doesn’t and secondly that if he were to sell someone would be there willing to buy it! Either way, it’s a bit of fun and highlights just how much money he (might) have.

What Would You Do?

What would you buy, or do with all that money if you we lucky enough to own some Facebook shares?

Infographic by Frugaal.com – Click here to Visit.

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  1. Andy Nathan Says:

    I love the infographic here! Just simply awesome!


  2. blackie Says:

    Could I buy a twix bar for every single person on the planet?


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