What Happens In 60 Seconds On Social Media Time? #Infographic

February 27, 2012

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What happens in 60 seconds? How much is 60 seconds really;  in real world or in Social Media time? Actually, it’s not that much. In 60 seconds you can send a text message to your mate, Tweet about the Oscars or post a clever comment on your Facebook Page. In real life you can count to 120, eat 6 bisquits or do 25 push ups.

But what happens when you, all of your mates, their friends, … and the rest of the world get things going?

This Is What Happens In 60 Seconds In Social Media World

When you consider the entire Internet user community all of a sudden you’ve got stuff happening you couldn’t believe! Twitter people send 175.000 tweets, Facebook users share 700.000 messages and video fans watch 2 million YouTube videos! All in those 60 short seconds! Here is an interesting Infographic of all things happening on the most popular social media networks in a minute:

What Happens In 60 Seconds On Social Media Time?

Here is another look with some more disturbing figures. Google gets hit by 695.000 searches, people send 168 million emails to each other, and Skype connects over 370.000 phone calls. Wow!

Check out this 90 second (hmmm..?) video on what happens in 60 seconds on the Internet:

What can you do in 60 seconds?

What can you do on the web or in real life in just 60 seconds? Let us know. The best answer wins 10 Twitter followers and a Retweet!

 [Infographic by David Fung for Social Jumpstart Video by YouOnGroup]

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8 Responses to “What Happens In 60 Seconds On Social Media Time? #Infographic”

  1. Kyle Else Says:

    Google Plus?


    • KrisOlin Says:

      I haven’t actually seen any user stats from Google Plus yet, but it should be somewhere in the middle of that Infographic. According to analyst Paul Allen Google Plus will have more than 400 million users by the end of 2012. There are over 600k members are signing up every day and Allen expects that number to rapidly increase as over 700,000 Android devices are bought every day.  


  2. jennykaypollock Says:

    Great article! A lot can be done online in 60 seconds. It’s astounding to see the numbers. In 60 seconds online I can do two retweets, choose a favorite tweet, and send a DM.  


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