Why Your E-mail Marketing Is Not Getting Expected ROI?

September 6, 2017

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Why Your E-mail Marketing Is Not Getting Expected ROI

If you own a company, or work in a company or just do business, you know that in your world ROI means a lot.

ROI is a short form of ‘return on investment.‘ You see, if you want your company to grow, you must invest into something, a specific field of work, a new building, just something that you think your company needs to start or grow.

Since the money that you are investing has some pretty big numbers in it, you would normally expect that by investing that much you would get double the amount back. That’s called making a profit, and that’s how things work in business.

So, as you know, it is a risk. Where should you invest, what should you do? It certainly seems like a game. This game can come with a terrible cost if you don’t play your hands right, but if you do, your company will go rocket high.

Marketing is one of those tough choices you will have to make. Although micro-influencer marketing is a good choice, by my opinion, many people still go with e-mail marketing. They invest into that and expect a certain ROI. Let’s see what usually happens.

Some Of The Reasons Why Your E-mail Marketing Isn’t Getting Good ROI

Many people believe that email marketing won’t do your company any good. Although I am not a fan of it myself, that statement isn’t quite true.

E-mail marketing is one of the older ways of marketing, but to some companies, it does pay off. You see, some companies even send 120 millions of emails every hour! That is a lot of emails if you ask me.

They won’t spend money on it if it doesn’t work. However, if you don’t do it right, and with email marketing, it is pretty easy for things not to go right, you won’t profit. There are certain influencer marketing trends that you can try which will, without a doubt, pay off eventually.

If you aren’t sure why your e-mail marketing strategy isn’t giving you a positive feedback, here are some possible reasons why.

1. It Is Getting Old

People are into trends nowadays, and they want to “go with the flow.” What has changed since the time that emails were considered something new and the best way to communicate? – Everything!Social media is taking over. Communication is taken to a whole another level. With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and similar, people don’t even need e-mails anymore. This is the fastest way to communicate, through chat options that those platforms provide.

Also, social media is all the hype these days. People post everything about their lives there and spend most of their day looking at other people’s photos and stories.

Companies used this to their advantage and made the influencer marketing strategy. It’s simple. They market their products online, on those social media platforms. They have their accounts, they post pictures and everything else. But that’s not all of that there is to it.

Companies hire influencers (that’s why it’s called influencer-marketing), people who are popular on social media, and they work for them. They post their products, pictures, which all leads to the most important thing – making new fans, new followers and new customers for the company.

With this being a popular marketing strategy and a pretty profitable one, who still needs e-mails? Nowadays, people will check their social media accounts daily rather than check their emails once per week.

2. You Are Not Composing Your Emails Right

Another possible reason why you aren’t getting back what you expected is that your team isn’t composing e-mails the way they should. What I mean by this is that they aren’t putting the right content and the right words into their e-mails.If your emails are just filled with blocks on blocks on blocks of text, no one would like to read it. If your emails seem fishy or like a scam, guess what? No one will even open it.

It all starts with the title. Make an interesting title that will make people open the e-mail in the first place. The next thing you need to do is to make your content interesting, engaging, appealing.

Put in some nice pictures that don’t make the whole thing seem unprofessional and fishy. It is recommended that you use your pictures.

3. You Are Spamming – A LOT

This is a pretty bad thing when it comes to e-mails. You need to send a lot of emails to a lot of different people so don’t just fill your neighbor’s inbox with the same thing all over again, daily. He will mark it as spam and delete it without even looking. Spamming with the same, or almost same content is as annoying as your wife talking to you while you are watching football.

Make sure you don’t cross the limit!


E-mail marketing will bring you profit if you know what to do.

Remember that you want to target a certain group of people that will be possible future customers of yours. This means that you shouldn’t go on an “email rampage,” sending emails to every single email that you know. Nope!

Find a way to target a certain group of people and let them know about your content, let them get to know your company.

If you decided not to go with the e-mail marketing strategy than the next best thing would be the influencer-marketing strategy. It is popular; it is fresh, it is necessary today!

Finding a good team of influencers can be the trickiest part of this marketing strategy, however, once you do, you will see the rise of followers and the rise of customers. Your ROI will be good and maybe even better than you expected in the first place.

Maybe it won’t go that well at first, but once you get the hang of it, everything is possible.


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