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How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business?

May 13, 2013


How To Use Pinterest For Business?

Pinterest has become one of the primary image sharing platforms on the web. Like all social media websites, users are able to like and comment on an image or even repin it. Theoretically, you would be able to reach a vast amount of people from a single well developed image on Pinterest. Here are six useful tips how to use Pinterest to promote your business.

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Why Marketing With Pinterest Isn’t As Complicated As You Might Think

March 19, 2013


Why Marketing With Pinterest Isn’t As Complicated As You Might Think

Marketing with Pinterest isn’t as complicated as you might think. If you’ve given Pinterest a test run and came away confused, you’re certainly not alone. The truth is that in many ways Pinterest should be approached like any other media channel, social or otherwise. Read on and see what I mean.

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Facebook vs. Pinterest: 5 Things We’ve Learned #infographic

May 24, 2012


Facebook Vs Pinterest: 5 Things We've Learned

Facebook or Pinterest? Which one is better for your business? Read this interesting study and infographic and find out!

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Pinterest For Business – 10 Ways To Pin It

May 10, 2012


10 Tips How To Use Pinterest For Business

How to use Pinterest for your business? Top 10 Tips, Infographic, Video and more! Learn how to use Pinterest as part of your online marketing strategy.

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How To Get More Referral Traffic: Pinterest vs. StumbleUpon

April 26, 2012


Pinterest vs. StumbleUpon

Learn how to get more referral traffic using Pinterest and StumbleUpon. Find out which one is better for increasing your page views.

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