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Kris Olin is a web designer specialised in SEO, social media marketing, Facebook advertising and Internet promotion strategies. Kris has a masters degree in marketing, MSc (Econ.) and he has written the Facebook Advertising Guide. Follow Kris on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and .

How To Customize Your Facebook Group In Three Easy Steps

March 2, 2012


How To Customize Your Facebook Group In Three Easy Steps

How to customize your Facebook Group in just three easy steps and get a custom Facebook banner, URL and email address. While everybody and their social media consultant is talking about the new Timeline for Facebook Pages I thought I’d be controversial and talk about something else. I’m going to show you how you can get the most out of your Facebook Groups.

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What Happens In 60 Seconds On Social Media Time? #Infographic

February 27, 2012


What happens in 60 seconds on Social Media time? Find out what really happens on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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How To Change Your Twitter Username Handle And Rebrand Your Account

February 23, 2012


How To Change Your Twitter Username Handle

How to change your Twitter username without losing any followers? Follow these two easy steps to change your Twitter handle.

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Super Bowl 2012 Social Media Showdown

February 7, 2012


Superbowl Social Media Showdown

New York Giants won Super Bowl XLVI against New England Patriots. But who wins the Super Bowl Social Media Showdown? Which team has the most Facebook fans or Twitter followers. How is Tom Brady’s Facebook Page doing?

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Is It Wise To Change Your Blog Name?

January 31, 2012


Changing the domain name of your blog is serious business. Read this post if you are planning to change the domain name of your blog. Social Media Revolver Is Coming – Aim Before You Shoot!

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Warning! This Is How You Lose Your Facebook Page

January 19, 2012


Pay attention! This is how you lose your Facebook Page. Facebook is seriously protecting their as well as other parties’ rights, so if you value your Facebook Page read this article and make sure you don’t lose it.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are Better Than Google Adwords

December 1, 2011


Google and Facebook both have their own online advertising system. But which one is the better one? Google Adwords or the Facebook advertising system.

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Albert Einstein’s Guide How To Research A Website For Marketing Purposes

November 16, 2011


How To Research A Website For Marketing Purposes

How do you know if a website is suitable for your marketing efforts? Some websites and blogs are more useful than the others. Learn this easy method how to research a website for marketing purposes.

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Steven Paul Jobs 1955-2011

October 6, 2011


Steve Jobs co-founded Apple Computer, Inc. in 1976 with Steve Wozniak in Cupertino, California. Jobs led Apple to be one of the world’s leading high tech companies with immensely popular products such as iPod, iPhone, iPad and Powerbook laptops.

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Facebook Changes Their User Interface

September 28, 2011


Facebook has revealed several updates to its user interface during the past few weeks. Some of them good, and some of them not so good. The most notable new features or updates to the Facebook GUI include Timeline, Subscriptions, News Tickers, Smart Lists and revamped News Feeds. The biggest and most prominent new feature will be […]

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How To Get Crazy Traffic Using SlideShare and LinkedIn

September 15, 2011


How To Get Crazy Traffic Using SlideShare And LinkedIn

How To Get Crazy Traffic Using SlideShare and LinkedIn! Read how I managed to get on the front page of Slideshare using a clever LinkedIn trick.

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Survey Reveals: Facebook User Interface Is Getting Worse

September 9, 2011


Facebook has done quite a few of updates to their user interface lately, and it seems to go all wrong for them. See results of a quick survey how Facebook users find these updates. Facebook has over 750 million users at the moment. A lot of them have been with Facebook since the beginning 2004 and experienced […]

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Do You Know What Your Customers Want? Run a Survey On Facebook

September 1, 2011


How do you know what your customers actually want? Run a survey on your Facebook Page. It is also good interaction with your fans. Find out here how to get to know your customers by running Facebook surveys. Read more >

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Triberr and Klout. What are these strange new social websites?

August 22, 2011


Your social online influence is evaluated by your Klout Score, which uses data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare. The fundamental idea of Triberr is to promote its members’ blog posts and increase their foot print on the web. Learn these tools if you work on the web. Read more >>

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Is Google Plus Going To Be The Ultimate Social Network?

August 16, 2011


If you are using social networks such as Twitter and Facebook you must have heard of Google Plus or Google+ by now. Google Plus was launched June 28 this year as an invite-only networking service and so far its has created a storm in the social networking scene. Some have even called it the Facebook […]

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Top 20 Most Popular Websites In The World

August 8, 2011


Have you ever wondered what are the biggest and most popular websites in the world? Google you might say? Facebook definitely. YouTube must be pretty high up there. You would be right with those three, but what comes next? Are there any news sites in the Top 20? Or is it just all about shopping […]

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Which Social Website Generates The Most Traffic?

August 1, 2011


Which social network sends the most traffic to your website or blog? There are four big contenders for this title. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and the new kid on the block, Google+. When we compare these one must remember that their target audience profiles can be quite different. Where Facebook, for instance is more useful in targeting the ‘normal’ […]

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How To Get 460.000 Facebook Likes in 12 Months?

July 22, 2011


How To Get 460.000 Facebook Likes in 12 Months? Find out how Australia’s favourite cooking show, MasterChef managed to pull it off.

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Ten Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page

June 30, 2011


Remember the days when it was a must to have a website for your business? Well, those days are now long gone! Today, it is a must to have a Facebook Page for your business as well. Some companies don’t even have a website anymore. They are using Facebook as their front end to the […]

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